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CCTV Cameras

We have the expertise to define and supply the most appropriate CCTV system for your requirements, be that IP cameras or conventional CCTV cameras.

Our careful and continual analysis of the latest CCTV technology ensures that your surveillance installation is backed with in-depth knowledge of all available solutions.

We use the very latest technology (encompassing digital recording, fibre optic transmission, radio transmission and computer monitoring) to provide contemporary solutions to today’s fast changing marketplace.

Many of our CCTV systems allow for the remote enabling of site facilities such as lights, doors, and gates. They can therefore potentially enable staffing to be reduced without the loss of quality or control. Systems integration allows you to combine CCTV cameras with access control and intruder alarm systems to provide a comprehensive security package of for your property.

Today’s technology enables a system starting anywhere on the ladder, from a one-camera system through to a multi-system, multi-site combination. If you would like to see demonstrations of this or would like to discuss options for your property please contact us at our Cardiff office and we’ll make an appointment to come and see you.

If you would like us to provide CCTV cameras for your premises, please contact us now to request a quotation.
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Our CCTV Camera Systems Include

  • PTZ Cameras
  • IP Cameras & Surveillance
  • External CCTV Detection Units
  • Digital Video Recorder and NVR
  • Hard Drive Recorders
Call our Cardiff office on 029 20 753 251 for more information about any of these CCTV systems.
CCTV cameras
CCTV camera
CCTV systems
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