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cctv camera recording sound

CCTV cameras are a great piece of equipment to own, for the safety of your home or your business. A CCTV camera can act as a very effective crime deterrent as it means you can monitor the activities surrounding your property at all times.

One commonly asked question is whether or not CCTV cameras can record sound, and what does that mean for you as a property owner?

The answer to this question depends on the type of CCTV camera you own: IP CCTV cameras gather audio data from the camera itself so the sound is automatically digitalised, whereas analogue cameras need to have audio input through a digital video recorder.


fire hazards in the workplace

Every year, there are approximately 22,000 workplace fires in the UK. Many of these incidents could be prevented with the correct safety equipment, staff education, and fire safety awareness. Understanding the risks is the first step to reducing them, so let's take a look at some of the most common workplace fire hazards.


two firemen walking down an open hallway

Door entry systems are one of the best ways to control access to a property or business – but what happens in situations when you want people without access to enter?

In emergency situations, there’s not always time or opportunity to grant access to firefighters, paramedics, or police officers. However, in situations where these services are needed, there is rarely time to waste.

This all naturally leads to the question, can emergency services override door entry systems?



The perfect mark for a burglar is one that fits their primary ideal: High reward, low risk.

The following indicators are things a burglar looks for to let them know that your home falls into that category.


professional woman entering a building

There’s a lot of bureaucracy that comes with staff transition, both with the coming and going of staff. All that paperwork combined with the hassles of interviewing and rehiring, it can be easy to overlook another important step, which is updating the office security systems.

It can be hard to know exactly what needs to be done when an employee leaves, especially with so many factors to take into consideration like the different types of security systems and how they work, staff turnover rate, and the relationship with the staff member currently leaving the company.


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