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If you're thinking about improving your home security, we specialise in both CCTV supply and installation here at IDS Security. We work hard to keep you safe.

Your security is our utmost priority here at IDS security, which is why we supply and install a large range of different CCTV cameras to suit your requirements. Our trained engineers will help you find the right CCTV camera for your premises and will help to keep it maintained with our 24-hour call out monitoring and engineering service. 

What types of CCTV do IDS supply and install? 

We aim to always supply the latest CCTV technology and provide state-of-the-art security systems. Take a look at new CCTV systems we supply in our latest blog post. These systems include:

  • PTZ Cameras
  • IP Cameras & Surveillance
  • External CCTV Detection Units
  • Digital Video Recorder and NVR
  • Hard Drive Recorders

Some of our CCTV security systems also allow you to remotely enable site facilities, like lights, doors and gates. This means our CCTV systems require less supervision. 

Why should I have CCTV?

Not only can CCTV provide you with a clear way of identifying any burglars or vandals within your area, it can also serve as a useful deterrence for would-be criminals. A large CCTV camera watching over your property is sure to make any potential criminals think twice. 

If you're someone who likes to go on holidays, CCTV is also a great way to reassure yourself that your home will be okay once you travel. It will provide a clear recording of all the ongoings around your property for you to review once you arrive home. 

Furthermore, CCTV systems are easy to monitor yourself but here at IDS security we also provide a 24-hour call out monitoring & engineering service along with our CCTV supply and installation. If you have a problem with your CCTV system, we will come out and find a solution to your problem as soon as possible as part of our maintenance contract. 

If you're interested in purchasing a CCTV system which our experts will install for you, you can get in touch with us today to request a quotation or call 02920 753 251. We're looking forward to hearing from you. 

latest CCTV technology

As we approach 2018 there is an explosion of advancing technology made to make our lives easier, and while you may be excited for AI and self-driving cars it's also an excellent time to consider how this advancing technology could help you protect your property. The latest CCTV technology has revolutionised how we protect our homes, with CCTV not only deterring crime but by ensuring that if something does happen that it is all caught clearly on camera. 

At IDS we keep up with the latest developments in the industry so that you can be assured that we are all-knowledgeable about the most-effective security systems. We offer a range of advanced security systems encompassing digital recording, fibre optic transmission, radio transmission and computer monitoring. To see our range of CCTV security systems you can click here. Or for a closer look at some of the latest CCTV technology developments, read below: 

IP Cameras

IP stands for Internet protocol, meaning that the cameras can send and receive data via the internet and computer networks. They continue to evolve which is why they have become one of our most popular security products. Here are some of the benefits of a state-of-the-art CCTV camera: 

  • Higher Resolution - 1080HD now the main resolution on specs with consultants at 8-10ips. H.265 now utilised in the market.
  • Fish Eye lenses and panoramic cameras are now used to capture the widest picture possible.
  • IP cameras can be combined with access systems, alarms and more, in order to provide unified and seamless execution in areas of all sizes.
  • Options to store footage to an SD card or via Cloud Storage. 

latest CCTV technology 2018

Not only is the latest CCTV technology more technically advanced for capturing footage, they are also becoming more and more intelligent. Gone are the days of indistinguishable, grainy images, now cameras are intelligent enough to recognise a vast range of information, such as:

  • People Counting
  • Queue Analysis
  • Gender Recognition
  • Kinetic Mapping
  • Queue Analysis
  • Dwell Analysis

 As well as IP cameras and surveillance we offer a range of alternatives such as PTZ cameras, External CCTV detection units, Digital video recorders and NRS and hard drive recorders. We work with you to see what best suits your property and create a security system that matches your lifestyle.

If you have any questions about the latest CCTV technology or any of the other security systems we offer, don't hesitate to get in touch. Our team of experts can help you pick a security system that matches your exact requirements.

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farm security

Theft from farms is on the rise, with crime statistics showing crime levels have doubled since this time last year. With the increase of crime, there should be more focus on farm security systems. Do you have yours in place yet?  

In 2016, rural crime cost the UK £39.2 million and it doesn't seem to be improving in 2017. With agricultural vehicle theft being the most common (and expensive) form of crime, farm security systems are more important than ever before. Other items that are frequently stolen include:

  • Tools & Garden equipment
  • Livestock
  • ATV/Quad
  • 4X4s
  • Trailers 
  • Oil
  • Tractors

This type of crime causes distress, loss of money and increased workload for many farmers. If you own a farm, you'll know it is difficult to keep your eye on all of your equipment and livestock at all times, which is why we've put together some tips to help you increase your farm security. 

Tips to Improve Your Farm Security

  • Install CCTV Around Your Farm

Not only is CCTV an effective part of farm security systems, it can also help deter criminals. If a potential thief is looking to steal from your farm, the first thing they will do is look for any cameras that may incriminate them. If you have installed CCTV on your property, those watchful cameras may make them think twice. Furthermore, if they do not notice the cameras, you will have clear evidence to find the culprit. 

Take a look at our CCTV systems here > 

  • Think About Intruder Alarms

Do you want to know when someone unauthorised enters your property? CCTV can show you when an intruder enters, but you will not know unless you are watching your CCTV cameras 24/7. The Intruder Alarms we stock here at IDS Security will alert the relevant emergency services if any of the following incidents occur. 

              - Unauthorised intruders

              - Personal attacks

              - Fires

              - Medical emergencies 

Click here to take a closer look at our intruder alarms > 

  • Use Door Entry Systems to Prevent Breaking & Entering 

Many thieves gain access to places that are either unlocked or have a weak level of security. Cheap padlocks and chains can easily be broken, but a door entry system is harder to break through. Computerised door entry systems provide a much higher level of farm security, as not only are they harder to break into, the fob key is harder to replicate than a standard key. 

Our Door Entry Systems can be operated by contactless smart cards, key fobs or even biometrics. This allows you to have complete control over who enters the enclosed areas on your farm. 

Find out more about our Door Entry Systems here > 

We are dedicated to improving security across the UK here at IDS Security. If you think we could help you improve your farm security with our state-of-the-art security systems please get in touch on 02920 753 251. 

CCTV Maintenance

CCTV cameras are fast becoming one of the most popular security options we offer here at IDS. Surveillance cameras offer added security that allows you to monitor the premises of your property which deters crime, but also records video evidence if a crime is committed. This extra security measure gives you peace of mind that you are taking safety precautions that make your property extra secure.

Some security companies will guide you through the buying process but leave your security system for you to install and maintain. At IDS, we are with you through the whole process - we will help you select the best security system to suit you, install it, and provide CCTV maintenance thereafter. 

CCTV maintenance is key to ensuring that your security system is performing it's best at all times. The last thing you want is to ignore CCTV maintenance and find out it wasn't working in the event of a crime. Like all technology, if you want it to work to the best of its ability, maintenance is key. We offer maintenance for all the CCTV systems we supply so if you are looking to have one installed, learn more about what we offer here

We use state-of-the-art surveillance technology including radio transmission, fibre optic transmission, digital recording and computer monitoring to make sure you are as secure as possible. We understand there isn't a 'one size fits all' solution to security, so we will work with you to ensure we have taken all your requirements into consideration when advising you on your CCTV system.

Our CCTV systems include:

  • PTZ Cameras
  • IP Cameras & Surveillance
  • External CCTV Detection Units
  • Digital Video Recorder and NVR
  • Hard Drive Recorders

If you have any questions about our CCTV maintenance service or any of the other services feel free to get in touch. Our expert team is happy to help you with your query so contact us today.

what is access control

Whether it’s unwelcome parents-in-law, salespeople or someone that you consider an actual risk, you should be able to control who can enter your property. No one likes being surprised by an unwanted guest, and if you are worried about how secure your property is, it may be time to start thinking about access control systems. If you’re not sure what access control is, we can help! Keep reading to learn more:

What Is Access Control?

Access control is the security system installed that allows you to regulate who can enter a property. This could be control over a single internal door or a fully computerised multi-site network of control points. By choosing a method in which people can enter a property, you choose who has the authority to enter - even without someone manually guarding the door or carpark, etc. Access control can be installed in residential or commercial properties, wherever you think may benefit from this extra security measure.

What Access Control Can I Install?

There are various options for an access control system. At IDS, we have a selection of advanced access control systems to choose from, so each of our customers can pick something that suits them and their specific requirements. Some of the systems we supply are:

Key Fob Security Systems
This popular choice is a simple way to install an access control system to your property. A key fob system reduces the need for a manned security system as those provided with fobs can let themselves into the building. The fob works as an electronic key, however, unlike a key you can control when the fob authorises or declines access without having to change your locks. This is great for residential and commercial buildings where there are a number of people who need access.

Biometric Access Control Systems
Biometric systems may sound futuristic, but they are very much a part of today’s security options. They authorise access through human characteristics such as fingerprints or palm prints. This cutting edge technology gives you access control over who can enter the building without you having to authorise their attempts each time they try.

Automated Barrier Systems
If it’s a car park rather than an entrance you would like to control, an automated barrier system is perfect. These barriers can be controlled by radio, or as a part of a fully integrated access control system. If you want to manage what cars enter a car park this is the system to choose

If you want to learn more about our advanced access control systems, click here. We install and maintain advanced security systems to give you the reassurance you need. To ask any questions about any of our services, feel free to contact us today.

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