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automatic car barrier 

There are different car barriers available for different environments, such as gates, rising bollards, and turnstiles. Whether you’re looking to increase security at a retail development, car park, hospital, commercial building, school, hotel, or public building, automatic barriers are a great option.

Read on to find out more about the versatility of automatic car barriers and how they can be used to protect you and your property.


access control systems for gates

When you own a property or a piece of land, you may want to provide an added layer of protection by installing an access control system on your gate. This technology can be used to control the flow of people and will ensure that you don't encounter any unwanted visitors. If you've been wondering when you can buy access control systems for gates, you're in the right place. The IDS Security team has a wealth of experience installing access control systems in a variety of settings. Contact us now to find out more!

What are my options?

There are a lot of different access control systems that are compatible with gates. It really depends on your requirements and the level of security you need. Let's take a look at some of the most popular access control systems for gates...


Keypads are a great access control system for gates because they can be used to grant access to anyone who has the passcode. You often see gates with keypad access at the entrances to apartment buildings and shared housing. All of the residents know the passcode meaning they can gain access to the car park at any time. They can also pass the code on to trusted friends and family members so that they can easily find a parking space when they come to visit. 

Remote controlled

Remote controlled gates are generally installed for personal use. For example, if you live on a property with a long driveway or a private access road, you might install a remote-controlled gate and carry the remote in the car with you at all times. Remote controlled gates are a brilliant upgrade if you've previously had to get out of your car to open and close the gate as you travel through it. Generally, gates like these are left unlocked so that all of the family members can easily make their way home. This leaves your property very vulnerable. Remote control gates will not only save you time, but they'll also make your property more secure too.


Adding an intercom to a gate system can be really useful, especially if you own a business where you constantly have new clients visiting. The intercom gives you the ability to speak to the person approaching your property before allowing them access on-site. This type of access control system for gates is more personal than the previously discussed keypads or remote controls because it provides a point of contact between you and your visitors.

Security barriers

Security barriers are a great alternative to access control systems for existing gates. These barriers are designed to provide excellent security by only granting access to specific people (usually paying customers). We're all familiar with the safety barriers at public car parks. You take a ticket, enjoy your day perusing the shops, then pay for the duration of your stay and exit without a hitch! The same kinds of barriers can be installed on your property to grant access to a range of visitors.

So there you have it, a few different access control systems for gates for you to consider. Here at IDS Security, we tailor all of our security systems to suit our client's needs, so if you're looking for a specific access control system for your gate then do let us know.

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when are vehicle barriers required

If you own a commercial or residential property with a private car park, then you might be considering adding vehicle barriers. But when are they actually required? Well, there's no law that states you have to have vehicle barriers to control vehicles on your property, but we still think they're a great investment. Here are a few scenarios where you might find a vehicle barrier useful.


Outside a block of flats

If you own a residential block of flats, you might consider adding a vehicle barrier so that occupants can park their cars securely. There's nothing worse than getting home from a long day of work to realise that someone has parked in your parking spot. A vehicle barrier ensures that only people with the access code can use the parking spaces. 

Vehicle barriers with access codes or passwords are ideal for residential areas because they still allow some flexibility as well as a high level of security. On the one hand, they stop random shop-goers from using the parking spaces and inconveniencing residents, but on the other hand, the access code can be given to friends and family so they can park on-site when they visit. So, if you want to make your residential property more secure (but easily accessible to those who live there) vehicle barriers are a great option.


In your workplace car park

Business owners everywhere know that on-site parking can be a struggle. If you've got a designated area for employees to park, you could separate this from the 'general' car park using a vehicle barrier. This allows customers or clients to park in the available spaces while ensuring that there will always be plenty of spots for your workers. Adding a vehicle barrier outside your workplace can help ensure that employees get to work on time & will keep their vehicles secure while they're working. 

All you have to do is give the access code to your employees. When someone leaves the company, you can easily change the access code to prevent them from parking on-site in future. There are lots of benefits that come with installing a vehicle barrier outside a workplace, so if you don't have one yet - we'd recommend looking into it.


What types of security barriers are available?

There are a wide variety of security barriers on the market, you simply have to choose the ones that suit your requirements best. We can provide:

  • Access controlled gates (ideal for residential areas)
  • Rising bollards (to block vehicle access on private roads)
  • Traditional traffic barriers (like the ones shown above)


How can IDS Security help?

If you've been thinking about adding vehicle barriers to your business (or anywhere else on your property for that matter) the expert team at IDS Security can help you. We offer a selection of effective traffic barriers that are easy to operate. We work with reputable suppliers including CAME and FAAC, so you know you're in good hands. We have years of experience in installing and maintaining security barriers, we can even help you decide on the best location to install them!


Visit our security barriers page to find out more about the vehicle and pedestrian barriers we offer. If you're ready to start the installation process, you can request a survey and one of our friendly technicians will be in touch.

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Here at IDS, we not only offer fantastic security solutions for your home but also your business! We understand how much hard work goes into setting up businesses and the effects it can have when they are subject to crime and unlawful behaviour. That's why we are continuously encouraging all business owners to ensure that they are taking the appropriate measures to effectively protect their workplace. A great solution that provides an extra element of safety to your business is security barriers. These are an effective way to manage who enters and leaves your premises, providing you with the peace of mind that no unauthorised personnel can enter your business.

One type of business that security barriers can work particularly well in is offices, given that many can hold large amounts of people as well as very sensitive information. Meaning that the management of the personnel that can enter and exit becomes an important matter for business owners. A concern that can be made easier with our office security barriers.

Why Buy Office Security Barriers form IDS?

  • Our Office Security Barriers are easily managed and controlled - they are able to be fully integrated into a full access control system providing a further layer of security and safety.
  • Our Office Security Barriers are manufactured by CAME and FAAC, the two leading UK suppliers of security barriers and automated gates.
  • IDS do not only supply Office Security Barriers, but we are also able to install them! With the additional option of full-time maintenance service which guarantees a continuously smooth security service.

If you believe our Office Security Barriers are what you need to protect your business, why not call us today on 02920 753 251, email us at or fill out our enquiry form below.

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Combining an access control and security barrier system allows you to benefit from multiple levels of security.  Here at IDS Security Systems Ltd, we offer bespoke security packages that combine our both our access control and security barrier systems to create access control barriers that suit your exact requirements.

The Security Barriers

We install security barriers all over the country. Our customers can choose from gated systems, barrier systems, rising bollards or even turnstile systems depending on the placement and purpose of the security system. Once the security barrier is selected, a decision can then be made about the type of access system you’d like to integrate.

Choosing the right Access Control System

There’s plenty of choices when it comes to choosing the right kind of access control system for your security barriers. At IDS Security, we try to make sure we can offer our customers the most up-to-date and convenient technologies. Some of the options you can choose from include:

  • Key fob systems
  • Smart card systems
  • Intercom

These access control systems are ideal if you have the same people returning frequently, but you want to avoid any unauthorised personnel from accessing your premises. Key fobs and smart card systems are particularly effective for use with security barriers outside places of work. Intercom systems are particularly useful if you need to control the entrance of visitors.

Whichever combination of access system and barriers you require we will do our best to accommodate. Please get in touch if you want to inquire about our access control barrier systems or any of our other security systems.

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