can anyone install cctv

SHORT ANSWER: Anyone can install CCTV cameras, but a professional CCTV installer will get better results.

As they become easier to use in homes, one question arises: is it wise to install CCTV cameras by yourself?


Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras are an excellent security measure, recording what happens around them to deter or identify criminals. One pressing question is, can CCTV cameras see in the dark? Read on to find out!



One of the best tools in a comprehensive security system is CCTV. It’s useful for preventing and solving crime, and so is seeing increasing use across the country both in business and domestic premises. This leads to the question of who actually needs CCTV.


cctv camera sign


Do CCTV cameras have to be visible?

The short answer is yes, CCTV cameras do need to be visible or at least sign posted. Read on to learn more about CCTV surveillance rules.


cctv with remote monitoring

CCTV forms part of almost every security system these days. But the technology has evolved beyond the need for an on-site guard who spends his shift watching a bank of monitors. Remote monitoring is just as effective, and can be more cost- and time-efficient.

So, how does remote monitoring work? And is it right for you? Read on to find out.


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