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home CCTV system

A recent news story tells how a thief was caught stealing parcels thanks to a homeowner's CCTV system. The parcels in question were delivered to Christopher Powell in Caernarfon but, despite receiving proof of delivery, they were nowhere to be found.

Thanks to his CCTV system, Mr Powell was able to identify that one of his neighbours had stolen the parcels. The neighbour, a Mr Oulten, had taken the parcels and placed them into the recycling bin, returning a few hours later with a child and a carrier bag to take the goods. Mr Oulten was taken to court over the matter and was ordered to pay a £120 fine for his crime.


Should you get a home CCTV system?

As this story shows, installing a CCTV system around the perimeter of your home can be beneficial in the event of a theft or break-in. Sadly, our homes are most vulnerable when we're out at work, visiting family, or asleep at night. In an ideal world, we wouldn't have to worry about people stealing goods from our doorstep, but unfortunately, we don't live in an ideal world and even our own neighbours can steal from us.

Installing a CCTV system is a great deterrent for crimes because it lets criminals know that they're being watched. Placing CCTV cameras in prominent places around your home can make burglars think twice when they're choosing which home to target. In addition, the CCTV footage can be used as evidence in court to prove the identity of the perpetrators. 

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Home CCTV Systems from IDS

There are a lot of home CCTV systems that can be bought online and in stores, most of which are fitted by you and seem to be a good, cost-effective option... but are they really that good? Time and time again, we've seen people coming to us because they've purchased a DIY CCTV system and encountered some problems. These problems vary but tend to include, people who are unsure how or where to install the system or people who are unable to get help when something goes wrong with their CCTV system.

There are lots of benefits if you choose to have a CCTV system installed by our team here at IDS. For example:

  • We'll assess your property and show you the perfect places to install your cameras
  • We'll design a bespoke system that will cover all vulnerable areas of your home
  • Our technicians will install the system for you, making the whole process stress-free
  • Our experts will be on hand to help with any queries, questions or problems that arise

So, if you'd like to speak to us about installing a CCTV system in your home, we'd love to hear from you. You can request a quote by filling in our enquiry form below, or you can give us a call on 029 20 753 251.

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commercial CCTV systems

Commercial properties like offices and shops are popular targets for burglars because they often contain a lot of expensive items. From computers to clothing and jewellery, burglars can make a quick grab for a few items in commercial spaces and walk away with thousands of pounds worth of loot. Because commercial properties are so vulnerable, it's paramount that you install a security system and CCTV cameras. These devices can help catch perpetrators in the act (if the worst should happen) but more often than not, they prevent burglary attempts altogether. 

How can you benefit from a commercial CCTV system?

If you're not 100% sold on the idea of installing CCTV at your commercial property, perhaps we can change your mind by explaining the different benefits of commercial CCTV systems. Commercial CCTV systems:

  • Deter criminals
  • Protect customers and employees
  • Protect members of the public outside your premises

Many criminals will see that a commercial property has a CCTV system in place and will target somewhere more vulnerable instead. After all, why would they risk getting caught if there's an easier option elsewhere? If a break-in does occur, CCTV cameras will capture the incident and the faces of the criminals. This can be especially helpful evidence to have on hand when you're trying to pursue your case with the police. 

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How can IDS Security help me?

Here at IDS Security, we've been installing commercial security systems for years. We understand that every commercial property is different, so rather than supplying a one size fits all solution, we tailor each CCTV system to suit you. You can combine a commercial CCTV system with a range of other systems to provide complete security for your business. Here are a few other systems we supply:

To start your commercial security journey, get in touch with IDS Security now! You can call us on 029 20 753 251, email us at or submit an enquiry form here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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- Solar Powered CCTV Systems

solar-powered cctv cameras

Making your property environmentally friendly won't happen overnight, it's achieved by implementing greener options in as many areas as possible. Switching off lights when you're not using them, ditching single-use plastics and recycling are great places to start, but they're not the only changes you can make. Security systems can use a lot of electricity, after all, they need to be switched on 24/7 if they're going to be effective! Today we're taking a look at solar-powered CCTV systems that are designed to be better for the environment than their traditional, mains-powered counterparts.


What does a solar-powered CCTV system include?

When you purchase a solar-powered CCTV system, you can expect to receive:

  • 4G CCTV cameras
  • Solar panel
  • Battery/power bank
  • Charging cable
  • Mounting brackets

A solar-powered CCTV kit will come with everything you need to set up your solar-powered CCTV system. Most solar-powered CCTV cameras have large, sustainable batteries that can power the CCTV cameras even on cloudy days. They reserve up to 2 months of battery life and recharge whenever the sun peeps through the clouds. All of the equipment is weather-resistant, meaning you shouldn't have any problems when it rains or snows.

Most solar-powered CCTV cameras come with 4G capabilities, meaning they can connect to your phone or monitoring device using a mobile network. This is perfect because it means you don't have to rely on a wifi connection.


Benefits of a solar-powered CCTV system

  • Can be installed anywhere

One of the biggest limitations with traditional CCTV cameras is that they need to be plugged into the main powers supply in order to work. This generally involves running cables from your property to the CCTV cameras. Of course, there's only so far that most wiring will stretch, which limits the number of places you can install your CCTV cameras.

In contrast, solar-powered CCTV cameras can be installed anywhere because the cameras and power supply are installed in the same place. Since you don't need wires running from your property to the CCTV system, you can install solar-powered CCTV cameras just about anywhere.

  • Won't be affected by power cuts

People often worry that their CCTV cameras won't work in the event of a power cut. Nowadays, most CCTV camera systems come with a back-up battery, so this isn't a huge concern - however, older CCTV systems still rely solely on their mains supply. When a power cut occurs, your CCTV system might stop working or worse yet, you might not be able to monitor your cameras because they can't connect to the wifi.

With a solar-powered CCTV camera system, you can be confident that it will work even during a power outage. The onboard battery stores plenty of battery life & the 4G sim card will allow you to monitor your cameras using your mobile phone - even when the wifi is down!

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  • Environmentally-friendly option

Finally, we can't ignore the fact that solar-powered CCTV cameras are the most environmentally friendly CCTV option. When integrated into your security system (at home or in the office) you know you're doing your bit to create a greener, cleaner planet. It's a great feeling to know you're saving the planet and keeping your property safe at the same time.

Here at IDS Security, we create bespoke security systems for homes and offices alike. If you'd like to install environmentally-friendly solar-powered CCTV cameras as part of your system, be sure to let our team know! We'll be able to find the perfect solar-powered CCTV cameras for your premises.

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can cctv footage be used as evidence

Nowadays, CCTV cameras are everywhere. Whether they're on homes protecting families or on commercial premises protecting businesses, CCTV cameras provide security and surveillance that keep our belongings safe and sound at all times. 

One of CCTV's main objectives is to prevent crimes from occurring; however, and more crucially, it can be used to provide stonecold evidence if ever a crime was to occur at your home or business. 

So, whilst CCTV is usually installed as a means of preventing criminal activity, it CAN also be used for evidence to bring about a successful prosecution. But are there any requirements before CCTV can be used in court? And is CCTV alone enough to prosecute?

Find out below!


CCTV cameras

Over the last few years, the digital world has been dominated by talk of personal data and GDPR. If you're not aware of what exactly GDPR means, it stands for general data protection regulation. GDPR became law in May 2018 and has modernised the laws that protect the personal information of individuals. 

But what exactly counts as 'personal information'? Is CCTV footage personal data? What do companies have to do to be compliant when it comes to video surveillance? 

In this blog, we try to answer all of these questions, looking at how GDPR impacts the use of CCTV for businesses and the measures that must be taken in order to become GDPR-compliant. 


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