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fire hazards in the workplace

Every year, there are approximately 22,000 workplace fires in the UK. Many of these incidents could be prevented with the correct safety equipment, staff education, and fire safety awareness. Understanding the risks is the first step to reducing them, so let's take a look at some of the most common workplace fire hazards.


Fire alarm

'Fire!' is never a word you want to hear yelled, no matter where you are. Car fires, house fires, chimney fires...any type of fire is never good news.

Fortunately, statistics can help us to understand where fire safety measures are working and what may still need to change. Statistics can be exceptionally useful when combined with contextual understanding of the times, which can give us deeper insight into why the numbers change - or stay the same - as years pass.

If you're interested in finding out more about fire incident statistics in Wales, and what they tell us about how we can better protect ourselves from fire-related incidents, read on.


firefighter putting out house fire with hose

The question of ‘how quickly does a building fire spread?’ is a pretty relative question, and it’s definitely dependent on certain factors within the building itself, such as the presence of flammable materials and the number of fire safety protections currently in place.

In the ‘average building’, the speed at which a small spark or ignition point can flare up into a fast-moving inferno is only 30 seconds.


fire officers in office building

In the decades following the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, the UK has come a long way in regards to health and safety policies. We recognise the importance of making sure lives are being protected wherever possible, and that includes at work.

Businesses have a responsibility to ensure the physical wellbeing and safety of all of their staff, but how far does this stretch? What fire safety procedures are UK offices required to have in place?


how to prevent house fires at christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of year when the family gets together, but unfortunately, it's also a time where we see an increased risk of fires in the home. With Christmas lights hung from the tree, a cosy fire in the hearth and a Christmas dinner cooking in the kitchen, there are a lot of opportunities for an accidental fire to start... especially if you've had a few drinks! Here are some harrowing statistics from the National Accident Helpline that put things into perspective:

  • More than 500,000 people have had a fire-related accident in the home
  • Roughly 1,000 people are injured by their Christmas tree every year
  • Christmas tree lights injure nearly 350 people annually
  • 50% of fire-related deaths occur over Christmas
  • 16.7% of fire deaths in 2010 occurred in December
  • 26 people died between 1997 and 2010 in the UK of electrocution while watering their Christmas tree with the lights on

As you can see, there is a real risk of house fires during the Christmas period, so it's important that you take precautions to keep your family safe. Here are a few things you can do to prevent a house fire in your home this Christmas.

1. Switch unattended Christmas lights off

2. Don't use Christmas lights with frayed or damaged cables

3. Move candles away from the Christmas tree, presents, wrapping paper & soft furnishings

4. Keep an eye on children, especially if they're near the fire, candles or the Christmas tree

5. Never hang decorations off lights, radiators or other heat sources

6. Don't be tempted to overload electrical sockets

7. Check that the cooker is switched off after you cook your Christmas dinner


Most importantly, ensure your fire alarm is working!

If there's one thing you take away from this blog, we implore you to check that your fire alarm is working this Christmas period. Your fire alarm should be checked year-round to ensure it's operating properly, otherwise, you could find yourself in a sticky situation if a fire occurred.

If you don't already have a fire alarm system in your home, we can help you. We build, install and maintain fire alarm systems in both residential and commercial properties. Find out more about our fire alarms below.

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