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access control systems for gates

When you own a property or a piece of land, you may want to provide an added layer of protection by installing an access control system on your gate. This technology can be used to control the flow of people and will ensure that you don't encounter any unwanted visitors. If you've been wondering when you can buy access control systems for gates, you're in the right place. The IDS Security team has a wealth of experience installing access control systems in a variety of settings. Contact us now to find out more!

What are my options?

There are a lot of different access control systems that are compatible with gates. It really depends on your requirements and the level of security you need. Let's take a look at some of the most popular access control systems for gates...


Keypads are a great access control system for gates because they can be used to grant access to anyone who has the passcode. You often see gates with keypad access at the entrances to apartment buildings and shared housing. All of the residents know the passcode meaning they can gain access to the car park at any time. They can also pass the code on to trusted friends and family members so that they can easily find a parking space when they come to visit. 

Remote controlled

Remote controlled gates are generally installed for personal use. For example, if you live on a property with a long driveway or a private access road, you might install a remote-controlled gate and carry the remote in the car with you at all times. Remote controlled gates are a brilliant upgrade if you've previously had to get out of your car to open and close the gate as you travel through it. Generally, gates like these are left unlocked so that all of the family members can easily make their way home. This leaves your property very vulnerable. Remote control gates will not only save you time, but they'll also make your property more secure too.


Adding an intercom to a gate system can be really useful, especially if you own a business where you constantly have new clients visiting. The intercom gives you the ability to speak to the person approaching your property before allowing them access on-site. This type of access control system for gates is more personal than the previously discussed keypads or remote controls because it provides a point of contact between you and your visitors.

Security barriers

Security barriers are a great alternative to access control systems for existing gates. These barriers are designed to provide excellent security by only granting access to specific people (usually paying customers). We're all familiar with the safety barriers at public car parks. You take a ticket, enjoy your day perusing the shops, then pay for the duration of your stay and exit without a hitch! The same kinds of barriers can be installed on your property to grant access to a range of visitors.

So there you have it, a few different access control systems for gates for you to consider. Here at IDS Security, we tailor all of our security systems to suit our client's needs, so if you're looking for a specific access control system for your gate then do let us know.

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Door entry systems can be used in residential or business premises to control the flow of people. They're great if you need to grant access to certain people (eg. employees) while preventing other people (eg. delivery men) from wandering in unannounced.

We've noticed that a lot of people are adding a door entry system in the wake of COVID-19. During this unsettling time, it's really important you can monitor and control the people coming in and out of your buildings.

One question we often get asked is - how do door entry systems work? The answer to this question truly depends on the door entry system you choose. Here at IDS Security, we offer a wide range of door access systems to suit a number of different requirements.


Popular types of door entry systems

When choosing a door entry system, you need to consider a few things. Who are the people that need access to the building & what type of system is most convenient to them? Who are the people you're trying to keep out & what level of security do you need?

Based on your answers to these questions, you can choose a door entry system that's both convenient and secure. Here are some of the most popular types of door entry systems:

  • Biometric
  • Fob activated
  • Card reader
  • Keypad


How do these door entry systems work?

Biometric Door Entry Systems

Biometric door entry systems rely on physical body parts to gain access. This could be anything from a fingerprint, to a handprint or even a retinal scanner! Generally, these types of door entry systems are used in high-security places when it's vital that only a select few people (identified by their biometrics) can be granted access.


Fob Activated Door Entry Systems

These door entry systems are quite common, and grant access to people who are provided with a fob. This is usually stored on a keyring so it can be accessed easily. We often see these door entry systems installed at apartment complexes, eg. student accommodation.

Fobs can be used to open multiple doors and gates, making it easy for occupiers to access all of the spaces they need without having to carry multiple different keys.


Card Reader Door Entry Systems

Card reader door entry systems are very similar to fob entry systems. Instead of a fob, people can carry a card to gain access to different areas. We often see these being used in hospital buildings, for example, where certain members of staff need access to different wards and rooms.


Keypad Door Entry Systems

Keypad door entry systems work by inputting a code or password. Users who know the code or password are granted access. We often see this type of door entry system installed in private car parks or apartment buildings. 

One of the key benefits (and downsides) of this door entry system is that the code or password can be shared with other people. This is great if you live in an apartment and want to grant access to visitors. All you need to do is tell them the password and they can do the rest themselves.

Of course, if the code or password gets into the wrong hands, it can mean unwanted people have access to the premises. To prevent this from happening, you could pair a keypad door entry system with biometrics or a fob.

If you're interested in adding a door access system to your home or business premises, the IDS Security team can help. We have years of experience installing all different types of door entry systems, so we can help you find the right one for you.

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So, you've invested a lot of money in a shiny new access control system that puts you in full control of who can and cannot enter your premises. The only thing left to do is to choose a good access door code that will keep your property safe and secure.

But what do you choose? In this blog, we take a look firstly at why you need to choose an appropriate door access code, what you should avoid and some tips to choosing the door access code for you! 


People on the street

After a year of uncertainty, ever-changing rules, and differing opinions on how best to deal with the coronavirus crisis, things are beginning to get back to something resembling normality.

Thanks in no small part to the UK's incredibly impressive vaccine rollout, COVID-19 cases and deaths have dropped back to roughly the same level as last summer. So there is much to be optimistic about as another summer draws closer.

However, we are not in the clear yet. There is still a lot of work to do before we can resume life as we knew it before COVID-19 arrived in Great Britain.

So what exactly are the current COVID-19 rules? How cautious should we be now that shops, gyms and pubs have once again opened their doors? Do we still need to stay 2 metres apart?


home access control systems

Have you been thinking about investing in an access control system for your home? There are lots of reasons why a home access control system could be right for you! Adding an access control system to your home is an excellent way to improve security and monitor people's visits. Nowadays, you never can be too careful when it comes to home security, so if you want to learn more about the benefits of home door entry systems - just keep reading.

Better protection

When you have a lot of valuable possessions in your home, installing a home access control system can really give you peace of mind. Standard home doors are easily compromised, meaning you constantly feel on edge when you know the property is vacant. Installing a state-of-the-art home access control system will provide you with an extra layer of protection and put your mind at rest.

Access multiple doors

For those of you with larger homes or numerous different entry points, you might find it a nuisance to carry a huge set of keys around! There's one for the front door, a different one for the back door, another to get into the porch... eventually you start to feel like a school janitor with millions of keys and no idea which one works in which door! 

If you're fed up with carrying a huge bunch of keys around with you, you could streamline the whole system by installing a convenient home door entry system. Whether you choose a key fob, a key card or a more advanced biometric system, you can have complete access to every door in the house with a single fob, card or fingerprint.

Better still, these technologically advanced home access control systems are very difficult to replicate, making it unlikely that someone could access your home - even if your fob or card got lost. This is just another way that access control systems for homes can be beneficial.

Speak to visitors without opening the door

Whether you're running a business from your living room, or you've got overly-enthusiastic neighbours, an intercom can be a valuable home access control system. Rather than standing up and rushing downstairs every time the doorbell rings, you'll be able to see and speak to your visitors with the click of a button. You can even grant them access to your home without fumbling for your keys. This is great if you're constantly having parcels delivered, or clients visiting your home on a regular basis.

Speaking to visitors remotely through a home door entry system is also hugely beneficial for the elderly, who may struggle to answer the door quickly. Better yet, they'll be able to see exactly who's on the doorstep without opening the door, this is especially beneficial during the COVID-19 pandemic but will also help prevent vulnerable people from falling victim to door-step scammers in the future.

Integration with other home security systems

Here at IDS Security Systems, we believe that your security system should fit your requirements exactly. If you're interested in our access control systems for homes, why not take a look at some of our other home security systems to provide you with additional layers of security.

There are very few criminals who will successfully break into your home if you've got an effective home door entry system alongside an intruder alarm and CCTV cameras. That's why we believe in being completely flexible when it comes to fitting a home security system that works for you. 

Other home security services we provide include, fire alarm installation and round-the-clock call out and monitoring contract. Working together to establish your requirements, we'll be able to make your home safe and secure so you can rest easy!

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For more information on our home access control systems, or to book an appointment with our technicians, give us a call on 029 20 753 251 now!

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