What Is the Most Secure Access Control Method?

If security breaches and unauthorised access are a concern, the question of the most secure access method is a pertinent one. From key cards to fingerprint identification, passcodes to key fobs, each method offers its own blend of convenience and security. Let’s delve into each of these methods to uncover their relative strengths and weaknesses.


Dangers of tailgating

Securing your premises with an access control system is a great way to keep out unauthorised individuals. If your doors will only open for those who present a valid key card or enter the correct passcode, it’s very easy to limit entry exclusively to people you know and trust. More...

Workplace security tips for employees

Even a workplace with high-tech security systems is only as secure as its weakest link, so as a business owner, you need to make sure everyone in the company is mindful of potential security issues.

To help keep your business safe, here’s a list of security tips to pass on to your employees to help minimise the risk of physical security breaches.


alarm system with fob

Installing an alarm system is a great way of ensuring your premises stay safe from burglars. This means choosing the right type of alarm system is very important. Read on to find out why we recommend an alarm system with fobs.


access control point


If you’re looking to secure your premises and ensure that only authorised individuals can enter, an access control system is the best way to achieve this. These systems (e.g. a keypad on an entrance door) allow you to decide who can access restricted areas within your premises.


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