CCTV cameras are among the most popular and the most effective security solutions for retail environments. If you own a shop and you're looking for the best way to protect your business, then we at IDS Security Systems Ltd can provide a cutting-edge CCTV camera system that's specifically adapted to your requirements and the layout of your store.

Theft is a big problem for many shop owners, with more than 330 thousand instances of shoplifting recorded last year in England and Wales alone. Installing a CCTV system in your store can help you to catch shoplifters and, if necessary, identify the people who steal from your business when reporting crimes to the police.

CCTV cameras are also good for protecting your shop outside of opening hours. If you're concerned that your premises may fall victim to vandalism or break-ins while you're not there, a CCTV system is a fantastic deterrent, and once again, the footage your cameras record will be useful if you need to get the law involved.

We at IDS Security Systems Ltd have provided CCTV cameras for shops right across England and Wales, and our experienced installers are able to meet any requirements you and your business may have. We can also combine your CCTV camera system with other security measures such as intruder alarms and door entry panels in order to further safeguard your store.

Click here for more information on our CCTV systems, or contact us now to request a quotation for your business's security solution.
Door entry panel

Access control is all about managing who can and can't access a certain area. That area might be a car park, somebody's home, a 'staff only' area in a shopping centre...door entry panels are used for all kinds of different purposes, and as a result, you can find them practically everywhere. They're a very effective means of keeping unauthorised personnel out of restricted locations.

Here at IDS, we supply and install door entry panels in a wide variety of different locations for clients all over England and Wales. Here are some examples of where our access control systems have been utilised:
  • Apartment blocks and other residential buildings
  • Offices
  • Stockrooms and other 'staff only' areas in shops
  • Private car parks (often in conjunction with our vehicle barrier systems)
  • Schools and universities
  • Restricted areas in public buildings such as hospitals, leisure centres and tourist attractions
Our door entry systems use a variety of different authorisation methods, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your security requirements. For example, some of our clients choose systems that require the user to type in a secret code or swipe a key card in order to pass the access control point, whereas others opt for more sophisticated systems that use biometric technology (e.g. fingerprint scanners) to keep out trespassers.

Whatever your requirements, the IDS Security team can supply and install a cutting-edge access control system that's perfectly suited to your premises and the people who use them. If you choose to take out a maintenance contract with us, we also offer a 24/7 monitoring and engineering service to ensure that your door entry panels are secure and operational at all times.

For more information about our access control solutions, or to request a quote for your own door entry system, please contact IDS Security today.
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