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Certain home security measures will largely fall into the realms of common sense, hammered home over the years by everyone from the police to news presenters.

Whether it’s setting up a security camera, installing a burglar alarm or simply keeping your valuables out of view from the window, such steps are a great basis for a secure home.

But what if you want to go one step further and really ramp up your home security?

The good news is, you don’t have to look far for a solution. We’ve got a handful of additional safety measures you can easily implement to make your property as burglar-proof as possible.


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Home Security Tips

The garden is, for all intents and purposes, the gateway to your home. As such, it’s also a key area when it comes to home safety.

Opportunistic burglars can prey on those with poor security in their gardens, making the most of dark patches, bushy covering and general chinks in the homestead’s armour.

Consider making these small changes to your outside space in order to keep your property as secure as possible.


Lock Your Outbuildings

An unlocked outbuilding is like a cartoon pie cooling on a windowsill – it’s the dream sight for an opportunist and really is asking for trouble.

Whether you own a shed, summer house or garden room, any kind of detachable outbuilding will be a prime target for petty thieves.

This can prove to be particularly costly when it comes to outbuildings like workshops, which are likely to house expensive items, machinery and materials.

What’s more, these outbuildings could also provide burglars with the tools they need to break into your actual house, whether it’s a ladder, a crowbar or even a shovel.

Keep your outbuildings secured with a padlock and consider accessorising with an alarm. If windows are present, ensure they are all equipped with sturdy locks or seal shut permanently.

 secure your bike, bike security

Secure Your Bike

Bikes are one of the most commonly stolen items from the home and, as such can benefit greatly from additional security. Keeping your bike secure might not seem like the most important home security tip, but it can cause a real inconvenience - especially if you use your bike to get to work.

If you own a bike, you’ll be all too aware that a good one isn’t cheap. Protect your investment by buying a bike store for your garden.

Smaller than a shed yet arguably just as robust, if not more so, these handy bike boxes make for the perfect hideaway for your two-wheeled transport. Secure with the appropriate padlocks for the ideal concealed area for you and your families bicycles.


Immobilise Your Car

It’s not just your two-wheeled transportation you should be concerned with either; your motorised vehicles can be just as tempting to thieves.

While you may think your car is safe when it’s stored on your drive or parked in a well-lit street, that’s not always the case. Here are some home security tips to keep your automobile safe and secure.

Installing a security post or bollard on your drive can be a fantastic way to ensure your car stays put where you parked it.

At IDS Security, we specialise in a variety of barrier systems, including rising bollards that can be perfect for driveway use at residential properties.

 garden valuables

Anchor Garden Valuables

It’s amazing what criminals will steal in the hopes of financial gain, from children’s toys and outdoor furniture to plant pots and garden gnomes.

The front garden is particularly at risk from such theft, given its open nature. As such, it’s a good idea to secure your garden valuables by tying them down in place with cable ties.


Upgrade Your Gate

A haggard, old gate isn’t worth the rusted hinge it hangs on, while a damaged wooden fence that barely stands may as well be a revolving door.

Metal gates are a great solution, providing visibility and durability in equal measure. If you prefer a wooden alternative, aim for a fence with a trellis panel at the top.

The opaque body of the fence will prevent snooping eyes, while the trellis top won’t be strong enough to support a climbing intruder, posing the risk of injury and/or discovery.

For heightened home security, adding an additional padlock is a wise move, ensuring your gate remains shut when you want it to be.


For more home security tips on keep you home safe, check out our blog on “Common Home Security Mistakes”, or "Home Security System Maintenance" Knowledge is power and knowing what NOT to do can go a long way.



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