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Stables are usually one of the most targeted areas when it comes to rural crime. This is because stables may not only contain valuable horses, they can also contain expensive equipment. In 2017 a stable was raided by thieves who stole £10k worth of horse riding gear in Scotland. Unfortunately, the victims did not have CCTV so they were unable to identify those who stole their property. 

Understandably, many horse owners would like to keep horses safe and their equipment in the stable so it is easily accessible. If this is something that would make your life easier, we believe CCTV for stables could improve this situation for you. 

Benefits of CCTV For Stables

As of August 2017, there seems to be a sharp rise in rural crime as thieves have become more "brazen". With an increase in reports of suspicious people watching farms and a long wait time for the police, it is important to ensure you have the right security in place to protect your farm. 

Livestock is one of the most targeted subjects of robbery, so stables are sure to entice any would-be criminals. Always make sure your horses are microchipped and easily trackable for this very reason. However, the equipment that can be stored along with livestock in stables is not so easily tracked. 

If you have CCTV for stables, this can help you identify the burglars and retrieve your missing items. Here are a few more reasons to consider farm CCTV:

Why use CCTV in stables? 

  • The presence of CCTV will deter would-be-criminals 
  • You will be able to identify criminals 
  • Livestock CCTV will keep an eye on your animals
  • It will provide a record of what was taken 
  • Recordings will help police investigation

Where to Buy CCTV for Stables 

Here at IDS Security, we have provided security systems to those across the UK for 20+ years. We have experience and expertise in this area and we have recently installed a number of security systems on local farms.

We supply and install state-of-the-art CCTV systems that best suit your property. To browse the farm CCTV we have available, check out the link below. For all of our security systems, we also provide 24-hour call our monitoring & engineering service.

CCTV Camera Installation


If you're interested in installing CCTV for your stable, get in touch with us on 02920 753 251 or use our contact form here. 

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Fire can be devastating, one of those terrible events that no one thinks will happen to them until it does. That's why it's so important to have a fire alarm at your property, whether it is a commercial or personal space. Most of us know this, but something that is constantly overlooked is fire alarm maintenance. Many think that it is enough to just install a fire alarm, job done, right? 

Wrong. Like any piece of technology, occasionally there can be a fault that stops it from working to it's highest performance, but when it comes to your fire alarm system, this can't be overlooked. That's why at IDS we make it our priority to provide you with a fire alarm system that we can be sure is capable of making you safe. To learn more about our fire alarm systems, click here

With 20+ years of experience, we know how to design, install and maintain a fire alarm system that fits seamlessly with your property and your lifestyle. The maintenance we provide means that we will still be helping to protect your home long after we install your system.

fire alarms

Our fire alarm maintenance ensures that your fire safety systems are in prime working condition, and you won't need to second guess when the last time you checked your alarm was. We provide a 24/7 call out service, that means an engineer is always on hand if you think there is something wrong with your alarm. This round-the-clock maintenance allows us to take action if something is wrong, come and fix the problem and keep your property protected.

Some benefits of fire alarm maintenance include:

  • Quick response to the location of the fire.
  • Ensuring your fire alarm is working to its full potential.
  • Rapid correspondence with the emergency services.
  • Peace of mind for property owners when they are away from their property.

If you're wondering what types of alarms are available you can learn more about them by reading our blog post. Or if you want to speak to us directly about the services we offer, don't hesitate to get in touch. Feel free to contact us today

In order to keep your premises secure, you need to be able to control who can open which doors. Perhaps you need an access control system at your front entrance to prevent unauthorised personnel from getting in at all, or perhaps you merely need to restrict access to certain parts of your building (e.g. 'staff only' areas in a shop).

Door access solutions from IDS

Whatever you need, we at IDS Security Systems Ltd can provide a state-of-the-art door access system to meet your requirements. Our suppliers include such well-known industry names as Legrand, Paxton and Cotag, and we are able to supply and install a wide variety of technologies, including:

  • Key fobs
  • Contactless smart cards
  • Biometric readers
  • Audio/visual entry systems

Our access control systems are used in all kinds of different places, from shops and offices to schools, farms, government buildings and beyond. We can also supply door entry systems for flats and other residential properties.

Click here to request a FREE, no-obligation quote for your door access system >

IDS Security Systems Ltd are based in Cardiff, but we install security systems throughout South Wales and the South West.

If you'd prefer to speak to us on the phone, please give us a call on 029 20 753 251.

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