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construction cranes

Although it might not always be the first thing you associate with construction sites, there is often a lot of valuable equipment to be found on these kinds of sites. Between the machinery, equipment, and tools, there’s a lot of expensive gear that is sometimes left unattended overnight.

There are also a lot of health and safety regulations that must be adhered to when working on construction sites for the safety and wellbeing of all those who work there. Any trespassers on the site could potentially tamper with the safety systems and precautions in place to keep people safe.


commercial CCTV systems

Commercial properties like offices and shops are popular targets for burglars because they often contain a lot of expensive items. From computers to clothing and jewellery, burglars can make a quick grab for a few items in commercial spaces and walk away with thousands of pounds worth of loot. Because commercial properties are so vulnerable, it's paramount that you install a security system and CCTV cameras. These devices can help catch perpetrators in the act (if the worst should happen) but more often than not, they prevent burglary attempts altogether. 

How can you benefit from a commercial CCTV system?

If you're not 100% sold on the idea of installing CCTV at your commercial property, perhaps we can change your mind by explaining the different benefits of commercial CCTV systems. Commercial CCTV systems:

  • Deter criminals
  • Protect customers and employees
  • Protect members of the public outside your premises

Many criminals will see that a commercial property has a CCTV system in place and will target somewhere more vulnerable instead. After all, why would they risk getting caught if there's an easier option elsewhere? If a break-in does occur, CCTV cameras will capture the incident and the faces of the criminals. This can be especially helpful evidence to have on hand when you're trying to pursue your case with the police. 

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How can IDS Security help me?

Here at IDS Security, we've been installing commercial security systems for years. We understand that every commercial property is different, so rather than supplying a one size fits all solution, we tailor each CCTV system to suit you. You can combine a commercial CCTV system with a range of other systems to provide complete security for your business. Here are a few other systems we supply:

To start your commercial security journey, get in touch with IDS Security now! You can call us on 029 20 753 251, email us at or submit an enquiry form here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Power cuts happen suddenly and unexpectedly, there really is no way of predicting when the next one will happen! For many home or business owners, one of the biggest worries about power cuts is the fact that their properties will be left vulnerable. After all, most security systems rely on a mains connection to function. So what should you do in a power cut? And how do you know whether your property will be safe? 


Will my security system work without a mains supply?

One of the main concerns with a powercut is that everything will stop working until the power comes back on. While this might not be a huge problem for some electrical appliances, like your toaster or your TV - your security system is pretty critical! If your security system is fitter with an emergency battery, then this won't be a concern. 

A backup battery is designed to kick in immediately whenever there's a power outage. This means your security system should continue working as normal! That's one less thing to worry about while you're scrambling around in the dark - and is especially important for business owners who might be concerned about their business premises in a mass power outage!


Do emergency batteries come as standard?

Here at IDS Security, we supply emergency backup batteries as standard with our fire alarms and intruder alarms because these are the most critical security systems. If you'd like to have an emergency battery installed with any of our other systems, we'll happily quote you for this as part of your bespoke system. All of our security systems can be fitted with an emergency battery at your request.


Will my security system still be monitored?

As you know, here at IDS we offer 24-hour monitoring & engineering with our maintenance contracts. These contracts provide you with round the clock reassurance that you're in good hands if an emergency occurs. If an issue is detected, our technicians will be called out to your property immediately! We rely on systems such as BT Red Care to make sure that the relevant emergency services are contacted if there's a break-in, fire, or another emergency at your property.

So what happens if the power goes out? Well, as long as you have a backup battery installed, we'll be able to monitor your property as normal. We understand how important it is that your property is surveilled, especially if you're a business owner who's not always on-site. You don't want to be stuck at home during a power cut, wondering whether your business is vulnerable, do you? Combine a monitoring contract with our backup battery systems and you can rest assured your home/business will be safe during a power cut.


Will my CCTV cameras work during a power cut?

To ensure your CCTV cameras can work as normal during a power cut, we'd recommend having a backup battery installed first and foremost. A lot of the CCTV systems we supply can be monitored remotely via your mobile phone - as long as there's a stable internet connection. We know what you're thinking, surely if the power goes off, my wifi will go off and I'll not be able to monitor my premises anymore! 

Don't worry, we have a solution for that. We can install a 4G router into your CCTV security system so that it still has connectivity during a power cut. As long as your phone/laptop has a 4G connection too, you should be able to monitor your CCTV cameras as normal. 

Did you know, there are now solar powered CCTV cameras on the market that come with a 4G sim card as standard? This means you can install a CCTV system that's completely autonomous and not reliant on mains electricity at all! This is a great option if you're someone who's concerned about power shortages in your area.

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If you don't currently have a security system installed at your home or business premises, IDS can help! We create bespoke security systems that suit your needs exactly. Want to find out more? Book a consultation with one of our technicians today!

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re-opening after COVID-19

COVID-19 restrictions are finally lifting which is great news for businesses across the UK! As shoppers return to the high streets, and employees return to the office, it's likely that that you'll need to take a few additional precautions to help keep everyone safe and secure. After all, coronavirus hasn't magically disappeared, so if you want your business to re-open successfully, we advise you put a few of these systems in place.


1. Crowd control

We all know that coronavirus spreads when people come into close contact with each other. If you own a business where large crowds of people tend to gather, eg. a restaurant or a shop, you may want to put a few measures in place to control the number of people in your business premises at any given time. 

Here at IDS Security, we offer a density control system that allows you to monitor the number of people in your business premises at any one time. To use our people counting system, you simply need to install our density control cameras at the entrances of your premises. All the data is sent to a user-friendly screen that you can monitor throughout the day to make sure large crowds aren't forming. 

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2. Fire alarms

Lots of business premises have been empty for a year (or two), so it's important that you check your fire alarms working before you re-open. Working in an environment without a working fire safety system in place can be disastrous, not to mention dangerous. The last thing you want is an accidental fire forcing you to close your doors or move premises, after only a few weeks of 'normal' work. 

A lot of the business owners we speak to have also had to make significant changes to the layout of their premises, this includes:

  • Spacing out desks
  • Re-arranging walkways
  • Creating one-way systems
  • Closing off communal areas

With these changes in place, business owners are advised to re-think their fire escape protocol. You need to make sure that everyone can exit the building safely and congregate in a suitable area. If you do make changes to your fire escape plan, it's important that you make sure everyone in the business is up-to-date and aware of any changes made.

If the fire alarm systems in your premises need updating, the IDS Security team are happy to help! We've created bespoke fire alarm systems for businesses across the UK and South Wales, so we can help you re-open safely.

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 3. Intruder alarms & CCTV

Crime rates fell by over 30% during the first few months of the COVID-19 lockdown. Why? Because everyone was stuck inside and businesses & pubs were closed! With fewer people on the streets, it was much easier for police to detect, prevent and respond to crimes. Now that everything is opening back up, we (sadly) predict that there will be a spike in crimes across the UK. There are a few reasons for this....

Firstly, business owners are preoccupied with re-opening and putting COVID-19 safety precautions in place, which means their business security is being neglected. Secondly, a lot of people are going out and 'making up for lost time' by getting drunk and partying, which means there's likely to be a spike in fights and drunk & disorderly behaviour. And thirdly, a lot of people lost their jobs during the pandemic. A generally poorer population tends to lead to an increase in crimes. 

So, what can you do about it? One of the best ways to protect your business is to install intruder alarms and CCTV cameras, both of which we can supply and install for you. Taking the time to improve your business security before you re-open is vital, especially as we enter the post-COVID-19 period. 

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These are just a few of the precautions you can take when re-opening your business after COVID-19. With a little help from the IDS team, you can make sure your employees, visitors and premises are perfectly safe! Be sure to get in touch with us for a FREE business security survey. 

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keyholder responsibilities

It's normal for employees to have a set of keys to the office, but it can be a bit of a dilemma choosing the right people. Some people would argue that all employees are trusted members of staff, and should therefore be allowed a set of keys. However, you should never take keyholder responsibilities lightly. When you hand over a set of keys to your business, you really are putting your assets in the hands of someone else. Ideally, you want to choose people who are sensible, trustworthy and who actually need a set of keys.

What are the responsibilities of a keyholder?

A keyholder is someone who's been trusted for opening and closing the business on a regular basis. These people need to be capable of setting/disabling your alarm systems & keeping your business and its contents safe! In shops and restaurants where physical cash is handled, key holders might need to make sure that the cash is deposited safely and out of view from prying eyes. Being a keyholder tends to come with more responsibilities than simply opening and cosing up at the end of the day, so choosing the most appropriate people for the job is paramount! Most business owner tend to allocate keyholder responsibilities to the more senior members of staff because they know they're capable of managing the reposibilities of being a keyholder.

What happens if there's an emergency?

Keyholders are often required to respond if the intruder or fire alarm goes off ouside of business hours. It's vital that keyholders understand the procedure they need to follow if they're faced with this situation. For that reason, you might want to choose keyholders that are based locally, or that have access to their own vehicle. Someone who lives 30 miles away and commutes to work on public transport, they might not be the most reliable keyholder in an emergency.

When a keyholder attends an emergency call out, they should be capable of assessing the situation and reponding appropriately. If it looks like a break-in has occured, they should phone the emergency services immediately. Likewise if they can see obvious signs of a fire. If they attend and realise that it's a false alarm, they should be able to reset the alarms, lock up the premises and notify you or the relevant person in charge.

Key traits of a good keyholder:

  • Trustworthy & reliable
  • Confident under pressure
  • Local to the business
  • Well-organised
  • Strong leadership skills

Outsourcing keyholder responsibilities

In some circumstances, it may be a better option for a business owner to outsource their keyholder duties. For example, if all of your staff live far away, or if staff turnover is high, it might not be possible to choose people to take on keyholder responsibilities. In this case, you can hire a third-party company to help with keyholder responisbilities & out of hours emergencies.

One great option is to invest in a monitored alarm system & a maintenance contract. This means that someone at a trustworthy security company will keep an eye on your alarms around the clock. If an alarm is triggered they will make sure that the appropriate emergency services are contacted right away, meaning the responsibility for the business is taken out of your employees hands. Without proper training, in-experienced staff members might put themselves in harms way in the event of an emergency, so it might put your mind at ease to know that a reliable & professional company are monitoring your premises.

Our advice when allocating staff keyholder responsibilities is, choose carefully and don't be afraid to outsource to professionals if you're concerned about the safety and welfare of your business. Give us a call if you're interested in upgrading your business security systems, we're happy to help!

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