If you're concerned about the safety of your property, and want to be able to control who enters your premises, then you should strongly consider installing an access control system. We supply a large range of access control systems to suit any requirements, and can guarantee they'll keep your property safe and protected. Here are the types of access control systems we supply:

Key Fob Security Systems

Key fob security systems are a popular choice when selecting a system to provide adaptable security to your property. A key fob security system reduces the need for a manned security system; it can be easily be adapted and expanded; and with it being a simple system, it reduces disruption and disturbances for your home, and business. This security system can be used in a range of environments and purposes, such as: homes and apartments; preventing the public from entering private spaces in commercial buildings; implementing a security structure at your workplace, by controlling or limiting the accessibility of certain areas. 

Biometric Access Control Systems 

Biometric access control systems are a cutting edge security solution for your premises, and they authorise access based on individual human characteristics. Because this security system grants access by finger and palm print, the innovative technology will provide you with a flexible and secure security systems that has a number of advantages: 

  • A biometric control system is more accurate and secure compared to other systems. This is down to the fact that the features analysed by this security system cannot be duplicated, reducing any chance of a security breech, and will provide a highly-specific access control.
  • It's quicker and more convenient than other alarm systems as there is no need for passcodes or key systems. 
  • A biometric access control system provides a long-term solution to for your security operations, and will also cut costs throughout the duration of instalment, as there will be no need to replace any lost cards or key fobs. 

Automated Barrier System

Separate to alarm systems, we also supply and install automated barrier systems to allow you to control who enters and leaves your car park. These barriers can be controlled by radio, or can be integrated into a full access control system, for unrivalled efficiency and ease of use. These car park barriers are manufactured by FAAC and CAME, two of the UK's leading suppliers of automated gates and barriers, so quality is guaranteed. If you're looking for something to control and manage access to your car park, a automated barrier system is your ideal choice.

For more information about our access control systems, please click here. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us!

pedestrian barriers

Problems often occur when large groups of people are present in one place. This not only increases the risk to public safety, it also makes it difficult to determine who can and cannot access certain restricted areas. Pedestrian barriers allow you to control the direction of foot traffic and track how many people are travelling through a given space.

Turnstiles and other forms of pedestrian barriers make useful addition to lots of locations, such as leisure complexes, transport hubs and building sites. The use of barriers gives you reassurance that pedestrians are staying away from any areas they are not supposed to access. Using pedestrian barriers ultimately keeps the public safe and also makes it easier to protect your premises/revenue.

The barrier systems we offer include gates, barriers, rising bollards and turnstiles and can be found at retail developments, car parking areas, and various commercial and public buildings across England and Wales. We offer a range of pedestrian barrier systems and would be happy to discuss your individual requirements to decide what system would best suit your needs.

To find out more about our pedestrian barrier systems, please call us on 029 20 753 251 or fill out the form on our contact page.

Recent tragedies such as the Grenfell Tower fire have reminded the public of just how devastating fires can be. Not only do they destroy homes and possessions, the risk to human life is also very, very real. Fire alarms are important as they quickly alert everyone in the area that a fire has broken out. This alert allows everyone to evacuate the area and makes it far more likely that the fire will be extinguished before it gets out of control.

Our fire alarm systems are created to protect you and your property, and while we all hope you will never have to use them, they are an essential precaution that is always necessary no matter how unlikely the event of fire may seem to be.

Here at IDS, we design, install and maintain fire alarm systems to suit your property and circumstances. Our top-of-the-line technology gives you peace of mind that your property is well-protected in the event of a fire. We have a range of fire alarm systems available, and we will help you to select the one that will best protect yourself, your premises, and those around you. To learn more about our fire protection services, please click here.

We also offer a 24hr fire alarm monitoring service that provides further protection if a fire occurs. Monitoring allows for the quickest possible response to the location of the fire and rapid correspondence with emergency services.

If you’re still wondering why fire alarms are important, you should remember that it is never a risk you should be willing to take. Don’t leave your property’s protection up to chance - invest in a reliable fire detection system and be reassured that you have taken all the appropriate safety measures.

To find out more about how IDS can help you with your fire protection technology, contact our friendly team today. Feel free to give us a call on 02920 753 251 or get in touch here.

Fire Safety

When it comes to protecting your home during fire emergencies, a correctly installed fire alarm system is an absolute necessity. That’s why it is important to know who can install fire alarm systems efficiently for you. It is important to ensure your chosen person for the job is an expert in this field. 

Steps need to be taken to properly install fire alarms because if a failure in the system occurs this could mean a loss of life. Fire alarm systems are an incredibly important part of fire safety, so it is vital that your alarm works properly in the event of a fire. Not everyone is able to install a fire alarm system, which is why you need to ensure you're working with someone who can install fire alarm systems and has done so correctly before. For every second your fire alarm does not work during a fire, the potential for loss of life increases. 

Here at IDS Security, we supply state-of-the-art fire alarm systems for commercial, public and residential properties in the UK. We install and supply maintenance for our fire alarm systems, alongside 24-hour call out monitoring and engineering service. We have 20+ years of experience in the security industry and we are BAFE and SSAIB accredited, so you can rest assured that your fire alarm system will be installed correctly if you choose to have your fire alarm installed by us.

We can install a range of different fire alarm systems suitable for all premises. Our systems include:

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Our wireless fire alarm systems are ideal for buildings that have ongoing building work as they do not come with multiple wires and cables to install.

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems 

Conventional fire alarm systems take time and skill to install so should be done by a professional. Once they are installed correctly, they will help protect you from a fire in all premises.

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems 

Our addressable fire alarm systems display precisely where the fire is which will give you time to tackle or get away from the fire quickly. They are ideal for larger premises, like large offices and apartment buildings. Find out more about all of our fire alarm systems by clicking the button below:

Our Fire Alarm Systems >

If you’re looking for the right fire alarm installer for you, IDS Security has accreditations for schemes that are recognised and respected throughout the industry. Get in touch with us today!

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