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Making your property environmentally friendly won't happen overnight, it's achieved by implementing greener options in as many areas as possible. Switching off lights when you're not using them, ditching single-use plastics and recycling are great places to start, but they're not the only changes you can make. Security systems can use a lot of electricity, after all, they need to be switched on 24/7 if they're going to be effective! Today we're taking a look at solar-powered CCTV systems that are designed to be better for the environment than their traditional, mains-powered counterparts.


What does a solar-powered CCTV system include?

When you purchase a solar-powered CCTV system, you can expect to receive:

  • 4G CCTV cameras
  • Solar panel
  • Battery/power bank
  • Charging cable
  • Mounting brackets

A solar-powered CCTV kit will come with everything you need to set up your solar-powered CCTV system. Most solar-powered CCTV cameras have large, sustainable batteries that can power the CCTV cameras even on cloudy days. They reserve up to 2 months of battery life and recharge whenever the sun peeps through the clouds. All of the equipment is weather-resistant, meaning you shouldn't have any problems when it rains or snows.

Most solar-powered CCTV cameras come with 4G capabilities, meaning they can connect to your phone or monitoring device using a mobile network. This is perfect because it means you don't have to rely on a wifi connection.


Benefits of a solar-powered CCTV system

  • Can be installed anywhere

One of the biggest limitations with traditional CCTV cameras is that they need to be plugged into the main powers supply in order to work. This generally involves running cables from your property to the CCTV cameras. Of course, there's only so far that most wiring will stretch, which limits the number of places you can install your CCTV cameras.

In contrast, solar-powered CCTV cameras can be installed anywhere because the cameras and power supply are installed in the same place. Since you don't need wires running from your property to the CCTV system, you can install solar-powered CCTV cameras just about anywhere.

  • Won't be affected by power cuts

People often worry that their CCTV cameras won't work in the event of a power cut. Nowadays, most CCTV camera systems come with a back-up battery, so this isn't a huge concern - however, older CCTV systems still rely solely on their mains supply. When a power cut occurs, your CCTV system might stop working or worse yet, you might not be able to monitor your cameras because they can't connect to the wifi.

With a solar-powered CCTV camera system, you can be confident that it will work even during a power outage. The onboard battery stores plenty of battery life & the 4G sim card will allow you to monitor your cameras using your mobile phone - even when the wifi is down!

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  • Environmentally-friendly option

Finally, we can't ignore the fact that solar-powered CCTV cameras are the most environmentally friendly CCTV option. When integrated into your security system (at home or in the office) you know you're doing your bit to create a greener, cleaner planet. It's a great feeling to know you're saving the planet and keeping your property safe at the same time.

Here at IDS Security, we create bespoke security systems for homes and offices alike. If you'd like to install environmentally-friendly solar-powered CCTV cameras as part of your system, be sure to let our team know! We'll be able to find the perfect solar-powered CCTV cameras for your premises.

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