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Surveillance equipment can provide invaluable security for your home or business, when implemented as a stand-alone solution, or as part of a wider security network. Here at IDS, we have been providing surveillance equipment to clients in Cardiff and the surrounding areas for over two decades, which has provided us with a wealth of experience in delivering highly tailored solutions.

Whatever your demands or limitations may be, our team will work closely with you to deliver the best surveillance solution possible, backed by our in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of the very latest technology. From digital recording to radio transmission and computer monitoring, all of our surveillance equipment is designed to fit the needs of your coverage and budget, in order to deliver a contemporary solution with high-quality results.

The surveillance equipment that we provide includes:

  • PTZ Cameras - Pan, tilt and zoom functions for wide coverage and great detail.

  • IP Cameras and Surveillance - Secure and efficient surveillance camera network with additional management systems.

  • External CCTV Detection Units - For adaptable outdoor event footage.

  • Digital Video Recorders, NVR & Hard Drive Recorders - Providing efficient recording methods to suit your surveillance system. 

If you live or operate in South Wales and the surrounding areas, please feel free to get in touch with IDS today. We can provide invaluable advice on the best surveillance equipment for your needs, whether you require a single camera system or multi-site combination!
If you're thinking of investing in a surveillance system to protect your property, then it's important to ensure that this is accurately tailored to your individual needs, and provides reliability for years to come.

Here at IDS Security, we've been operating throughout Cardiff and South Wales for over two decades, which means that we have a wealth of experience in installing surveillance systems for a wide variety of clients. Over the years we've provided CCTV systems for clients of all sizes, from homeowners to large businesses and public bodies; all with their own, very particular set of requirements.

CCTV systems

Because of our knowledge and experience, combined with a commitment to using the latest technology, we are able to provide surveillance systems that deliver both security and flexibility to our clients. Whether it's a stand-alone CCTV project, or a combination of surveillance systems with access control and intruder alarms, we can ensure that your installation performs to the highest possible standard.

If you live or work in South Wales, and would like to find out more about investing in a surveillance system for your property, then get in touch with IDS today! Give us a call on 02920 753 251, or fill out our simple enquiry form here.
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