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For colleges and universities, CCTV systems can prove vital to overall security operations, providing a reliable system for monitoring and deterring crimes on campus, as well as safeguarding the wellbeing of staff and students.

Some of the benefits of installing a CCTV system on university or college property include:

  • The protection of valuable university resources and equipment.
  • Maintaining a secure environment for students and staff, by detecting suspicious behaviour or unauthorised access.
  • Providing video evidence to resolve issues of criminal activity on campus.
  • Deterring crimes against students.
  • Enforcing the institution's policy, by ensuring that the correct guidelines for conduct and procedure are being followed.
& more!

Here at IDS, we have worked with several educational institutions in the past, including the University of Wales and Cardiff University, in order to provide advanced security systems that can be used to maintain campus security. Thanks to our experience in devising and installing CCTV networks on a large scale, we have the knowledge to provide a surveillance system that meets every individual requirement, while also providing optimal functionality to the end user. 

In addition, we can also tailor our CCTV services to the scale of the project in question, in order to ensure that the solution is suitable for the level of security and versatility required for each individual environment.

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