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CCTV is a widely popular security solution, and there are many different options to choose. Every day, the market evolves as CCTV technology rapidly develops.

These days, there are lots of home security apps available for your smartphone; we're living in an age where your Bluetooth speaker can turn on your lights, lock your doors, and adjust your thermostat. Unsurprisingly, one security-related technological trend that has been massively rising in popularity since it first came on the scene a few years ago is the CCTV cameras that offer with smartphone monitoring.

Some CCTV cameras are able to connect with mobile smartphones over any distance, providing a live stream of the footage captured by the installed security camera or cameras. These systems have done very well in the home security market, but they can also be utilised by businesses - here's a recent example.

It's pretty self-explanatory why these kinds of systems are so popular, but let's take a quick moment to get into some of the benefits of these systems.


What are the benefits of smartphone monitoring?

  • Peace of mind - anywhere, any time. Having a livestream from your security cameras straight to the phone in your pocket means that, home or business, you'll always feel secure when you leave. Anywhere your phone can go, your CCTV feed can follow. Get updates whenever you need them, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing what's going on at all times.

  • Updates as they happen. In the unfortunate event that your home or business premises are targeted by burglars, you'll be the first to know. You can see everything as it happens, get notifications of any activity sent straight to your phone, and take the necessary actions to secure the property as soon as possible.

  • Superior image detail. With the rapid advancements of technology, it just so happens that the vast majority of CCTV camera devices that are compatible with smartphones also offer high-resolution viewing. Stream live footage with minimal delays and high quality for that extra reassurance.

These are just three reasons why we think CCTV cameras with smartphone monitoring are great, but there's no shortage of other reasons to choose smartphone monitoring.

If you're interested in finding out a little more about smartphone security systems, alternative CCTV systems, or more information about the benefits of CCTV in general, click the link below.

CCTV Cameras from IDS Security

CCTV systems are a fantastic way to secure your property, particularly when paired with a smartphone viewing system. If you're wondering whether or not CCTV is the right security system for you, IDS may very well be able to help you find the answer.

IDS offers a FREE security survey, during which our trained professionals will analyse your property and establish what type of system would best suit your property. We'll also provide a no-obligation quote.

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