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Door entry system for flats

When you're responsible for a large apartment complex, it can be difficult to select an access control solution that suits everybody. Both your tenants and you yourself will naturally want to keep the building as secure as possible, but the tenants - that is, the people who actually live in your flats - will also want a door entry system that doesn't cause too much hassle for them.

Many door entry systems for flats are very user-unfriendly, making it difficult for residents to let guests in and sometimes to gain access to the build themselves. Ideally, you need something that safeguards against burglars and trespassers while still allowing tenants, their guests, and other authorised personnel to come and go with ease.

Access Control Systems from IDS Security

We at IDS Security Systems Ltd are experts when it comes to door entry and access control systems. We have supplied and installed a range of state-of-the-art systems for landlords and property management companies across England and Wales, and we have a great reputation in this sector for quality and customer satisfaction.

Part of the reason for this is our ability to tailor each client's security solution to their specific needs. Our suppliers include Cotag, Paxton and Legrand, and in addition to installing and maintaining these door entry systems, our engineers are also more than capable of discussing your requirements with you and recommending the most suitable solution for your block of flats.

Our previous clients in the residential sector include:

Door Entry Systems - Previous Residential Clients

We can also supply the following systems, which landlords / property management companies may find useful:

Whatever your requirements, please feel free to contact IDS Security today to request a quotation for your building's door entry system.

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