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School fire alarm system

Schools and colleges must do what they can protect students and staff members from fire. A well-maintained fire alarm system is one of the most crucial components of that effort.


What fire safety measures are required in schools?

According to the UK government's guide to fire safety in new and existing school buildings, schools must:

  • Ensure steps are taken to "reduce the likelihood of fire"
  • Make staff members and students "familiar with emergency evacuation procedures"
  • Install and "maintain fire detection and alarm systems"

The first two items on that list are important, of course, but even the most stringent precautions cannot completely eliminate the risk of fire, and regular fire drills won't help if pupils and teachers aren't alerted when a real fire breaks out.

So it's critically important to ensure that your school has a working, well-designed fire warning system in place.


Installing fire alarms in schools

We at IDS Security have been installing fire alarms for many years.

When planning a new fire detection system, our engineers take the unique requirements of the project into account in order to deliver the best possible solution.

If you need a fire alarm system for a school or college, please get in touch with IDS to discuss your requirements and get a free, no-obligation installation quote.


Fire safety tips for schools

  • Hold regular fire drills to ensure that all pupils and staff know what to do in the event of a real fire

  • Talk to young students about the importance of fire safety to ensure they take fire alarms seriously

  • Make sure people with disabilities are taken into consideration - are fire exits, alarms and assembly points accessible to all?

  • Ensure staff members are familiar with the school's fire alarm system and how it works

  • Carry out regular risk assessments and review your fire prevention procedures frequently to make sure they are as effective as possible

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Security camera on the wall of a house

CCTV cameras are commonly used to monitor commercial premises such as offices and warehouses. They are useful for deterring criminals, and if a break-in does occur, CCTV footage can serve as evidence of the crime and help the police to identify the perpetrator.

These are all great reasons to protect your business with a CCTV system. But is it worth setting up CCTV cameras outside your home, too?

Bernard Hogan-Howe, the former head of the Metropolitan Police, thinks so. In 2015, he advocated putting CCTV "in every home" to help police detectives solve more crimes.

Here are 4 more reasons why property owners should consider installing CCTV cameras at home...


4 benefits of home CCTV cameras

  • Cameras make your home a less attractive target for burglars. If a thief is sizing up your house and trying to decide whether a break-in would be worth the risk of getting caught, the presence of one or more security cameras will generally make them less willing to chance it.

  • A robust security system may save you money on insurance premiums. Some insurers will charge you less for home insurance if you make your home less vulnerable to crime, for instance by installing CCTV cameras and/or other security systems.

  • If necessary, you'll be able to prove that a break-in occurred. CCTV footage of your property can serve as evidence that a trespasser used force to break into your home. This can be useful if you're trying to make an insurance claim.

  • They're not just good for catching burglars. Your CCTV camera may capture footage of crimes that don't involve a break-in. For example, a cyclist in Blackpool who collided with a three-year-old girl and dragged her along the pavement for several metres before fleeing the scene was caught thanks to footage captured by the family's home CCTV camera.

If you choose to install a CCTV camera on your property, please bear in mind that you may be breaking the law if your camera is pointing at public spaces and/or other people's private properties. For this reason, it's a good idea to call in an experienced CCTV installer to recommend the best system for your home.

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Chance & Counters is a board game café that opened in the centre of Cardiff. Spread over three storeys in a picturesque Victorian building on High Street, Chance & Counters is home to more than 500 board games, which visitors are encouraged to try out while they sample a variety of dishes and drinks.

Chance and Counters Cardiff

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As one of Cardiff's leading security companies, IDS Security Systems Ltd were asked to provide a range security and fire protection solutions for the new café. Not only did we supply the cameras and alarms for Chance & Counters, we also designed the whole system and installed it ourselves. Our experienced engineers handled the job with their usual professionalism, and we are very proud to have been involved in this fantastic, unique addition to Cardiff's food and drink scene.

Photos from @IDSFireSecurity on Twitter

IDS supplied and installed the following systems:

If you require an expertly-designed security and/or fire protection system for your premises, please call IDS Security on 029 20 753 251 or enquire online to request a quotation. No job is too big, too small or too unusual!

Car Park CCTV Systems

If you own or operate a car park - whether it's a small patch of tarmac or a multi-storey parking complex - it's a good idea to use CCTV cameras to monitor what's happening there. CCTV will deter crime and improve customer trust, and if a break-in or theft should occur on your premises, the victim(s) may request CCTV footage to assist with police investigations.


Specialist surveillance systems from IDS Security

Here at IDS Security Systems Ltd, we employ a team of experienced engineers who specialise in the design and installation of commercial security systems.

We will:

  • Visit your car park to assess your requirements and identify the best surveillance solution for you

  • Supply and install state-of-the-art CCTV cameras (we can provide a variety of products, including PTZ cameras, IP cameras, digital video recorders and more)

  • Provide a 24-hour monitoring and engineering call-out service (for maintained customers only - contact us for details)

We can also offer expert advice throughout the whole process to ensure that you understand and are completely satisfied with your new surveillance setup. Use the links below to find out more or get in touch with the IDS team - we'd be more than happy to provide a free, no-obligation quotation for your car park CCTV system.

Our CCTV Systems >   Get a FREE Quote >


We can provide a variety of other security systems for car parks, including:

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Smart Card Access Control

A smart card access control system is a type of security system where each authorised individual is issued a unique smart card that gives them access to various places and/or services.

Smart card systems can be used in many different ways on all sorts of different premises. Examples include:

  • Workplaces with restricted / staff-only areas
  • Private car parks
  • Apartment buildings and other residences

Smart cards also make it easy to identify who is entering / leaving your premises. This can be useful for keeping attendance records and other administrative tasks.

How can we help you?

Here at IDS Security, we offer a range of cutting-edge access control systems including contactless smart cards as well as key fobs and biometrics.

We think that a contactless smart card access system is a great choice if you require a secure security system that has the ability to serve multiple functions (which other access systems cannot always allow for).

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