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Fire alarms
UK employers are required by law to provide a safe workplace for their employees. One of the most crucial considerations for a business owner is fire safety - fires cause countless injuries and fatalities every year, and many of these incidents occurred in offices and other workplaces.
As an employer, your fire risk assessment will supply you with a number of different safety measures that you'll need to take in order to protect your staff from the risk of fire-related death or injury. Under the fire risk assessment, you must provide easily accessible fire exits, making sure that these points are clearly labelled and kept free from obstructions; you must also ensure that your workers know what to do and where to go in the event of a fire, as well as keeping fire extinguishers in the building in case a blaze breaks out.
Of course, installing an office fire alarm is one of the most important fire safety measures of all - here's why:

Why does my office need a fire alarm system?

A high-quality office fire alarm system will:
  • Warn your entire building when a fire starts
  • Speed up evacuation in the event of a fire
  • Alert the emergency services right away
  • Allow you to carry out regular fire drills if signalling is installed (at least 1 per quarter)
  • Protect your premises from fire even when nobody's around
  • Carry out weekly fire alarm tests
Of course, even if the list above doesn't convince you, there's one even more compelling reason to install a fire detection system in your office: it will ensure that you meet the requirements of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2006.

Office Fire Alarm Requirements

Section 4 of the UK government's guide fire safety in the workplace states:
"You must have a fire detection and warning system. You may need different types of detectors, depending on the type of building and the work carried out in it." (Source:
As the excerpt suggests, every workplace must have some kind of fire detection system in place, but the exact requirements vary depending on a range of different factors.
In order to ensure that your office fire alarm system is suitable for your business and its premises, it's a good idea to seek the help of an experienced professional. We at IDS Security Systems, for example, offer the following service:
  • We will recommend the best fire detection solution for your business
  • We will supply you with state-of-the-art fire protection technology
  • Our professional installers will ensure that your new system is set up properly
  • Our 24-hour monitoring and engineering service will ensure that your fire alarm system is fully functional at all times
CCTV camera

Business owners: how seriously do you take your company's security? Are your premises alarmed? Do you use cameras to ensure that nothing goes unseen?

If you're serious about protecting your business, then it's well worth investing in a comprehensive, top-quality security system. Here at IDS, we supply and install commercial security systems for a wide variety of different businesses; our clients range from small independent retailers and non-profit organisations to large shopping centres, UK government departments, and even HM prisons. No matter what sector you're in and what kind of security system you need, we are the people to call!

What Security Systems Can We Provide?

We are able to supply, install, monitor and maintain the following systems (click for more information about each option):
When helping you to select the right security system for your business, we'll take a number of important factors into account, including your company size, the location of your premises, and the level of security required. We'll use this information to help us determine the most appropriate solution for you; all of our security systems use the very latest technology, and our 24-hour monitoring and engineering service ensures that you'll never be left vulnerable by a lapse in your security system.

A Few of Our Commercial Clients

Commercial Security Clients
Here are some examples of the commercial premises we help to protect:
  • Retail outlets
  • Luxury resorts
  • Universities
  • Warehouses
  • Office buildings of all sizes
  • Warehouses

Why choose IDS for your commercial security system?

Based in Cardiff, IDS Security Systems Ltd. have been supply high-quality security systems to commercial clients throughout England and Wales for over two decades. This experience - combined with our round-the-clock call out service and the state-of-the-art technology that we supply - makes us the perfect choice for practically any brief. Call IDS Security Systems today on 029 20 753 251 or email to discuss your needs with a member of our team.
CCTV systems

If you're looking to protect your business with PTZ cameras, we at IDS Security Systems Ltd can help. We supply and install a variety of cutting-edge surveillance systems in all kinds of different premises, and PTZ camera systems are an increasingly popular choice among our commercial customers.

Click here to request a quotation for your PTZ camera system >

PTZ stands for pan-tilt-zoom. These state-of-the-art cameras are remotely controlled, and their design allows the operator to look around at different parts of the monitored location and zoom in on areas of interest.

If you choose IDS for your surveillance camera system, we'll supply the cameras, install them ourselves, and keep your premises secure at all times with our 24-hour monitoring and engineering service. You can reach us at any time of the day or night by calling 029 20 753 251.

Click here to learn more about the CCTV camera systems we can supply, or contact us now to request a quotation for your company's surveillance requirements.
Security System Installers

Even the most high-end security system is as good as worthless if it isn't installed properly. Fortunately, there's no need for you to carry out this potentially complex task yourself - just leave it to the experts at IDS!

We supply and install a variety of different systems right across England and Wales, and more importantly, we've been doing it for more than two decades. Our experienced security system installers know how to get the job done quickly and efficiently, ensuring that everything is correctly set up and that there aren't any gaps in your security system.

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No matter what kind of security system you require, we at IDS are the people to call. We are capable of supplying and installing a range of state-of-the-art security solutions, including CCTV cameras, access control systems, fire/intruder alarms, and more.

Get in touch now to speak with a member of the IDS Security team, or click here to see some of our existing clients.
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