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In the UK, around 32% of homes have a burglar alarm installed. This is actually quite a small percentage, given that a burglary occurs every 106 seconds in the UK. The one question you never want to be left wondering about is - what if your home is next on a suspecting burglar's agenda? 

With this worry in mind, you may be thinking about whether your house needs a burglar alarm. In this blog, we'll run through how burglar alarms can help to protect your home against theft and burglary.


Police car

With the cost of living crisis affecting most of the UK, 2023's crime rate is expected to increase over the course of the year due to the added pressure of financial hardship. Burglary rates in particular are set to rise, which doesn't come as a surprise after there were an average of 526 burglaries a day in March 2022.

In the face of increased crime risk, many customers are wondering whether house alarms are able to call the police.


Burglary can happen to anyone at any time, which is why a home security system is an integral part of your home's security network. Many people wonder whether home security systems are an effective deterrent against burglars and theft.

So, how effective is a home security system? In this blog, we'll be answering questions about the effectiveness of home security and how it is an excellent deterrent to have for your home.


cctv in the workplace

If you're thinking about installing CCTV in the workplace, then it's a good idea to be aware of the rules. When you install CCTV cameras in your workplace, you need to have the safety and privacy of your employees in mind. 

CCTV rules in the workplace are incredibly important to follow for, especially for legal reasons.


what is a vehicle barrier


A vehicle barrier acts as a physical boundary that can slow or completely stop vehicles in areas of high pedestrian traffic. You will usually find a vehicle barrier in areas such as school zones, private communities or retail car parks, as these areas usually have a high volume of pedestrians. Vehicle barriers work to protect buildings and pedestrians in the area, as well as vehicles. 


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