Best access control system

If you'd like to keep an eye on who enters your premises and when, an access control system would be an efficient and effective installation. Access control systems are electronic systems that allow property owners to deny or approve entry into a particular area of a property, whether it be a whole building, room, or just a cupboard!

The best access control system is one that protects your property and gives you peace of mind, while providing you with complete control over who can enter and leave your chosen area.


Access Control Entry Options

Access control systems can be easily tailored to your property needs. To make access to the area as personalised and safe as possible, there are a variety of ways that a verified person can enter a controlled area. For instance, they could use:

  • A key pad code
  • An entry fob
  • An access card
  • An intercom
  • Biometric data such as fingerprints, facial or retina scans

All of these access control options are secure and we work to provide your property with the security it needs to run effectively. 


Access Control Types: Which One is Best for My Property? 

If you'd like to get an access control system installed for your property, it's important to explore the different types of access control system that we have available for installation. 


Key Fob Security

Key fob access control systems are perfect for those that want an unmanned security system. For instance, key fob security works well in flat and apartment buildings. The simplicity of the key fob is the most appealing feature for customers as it is simple to run, simple to install, and easily adapted and expanded upon if need be. 


Biometric Access Control

Biometrics have become a modern development in the world of access control. With the ability to identify verified entrants with a quick scan of their characteristics, biometric access control is often used in buildings that require a higher level of security. For example, you will often see biometric access control systems in use in government buildings, science labs and in hospitals for the security of medications and prescription drugs. 

In these high-security environments - or environments at high risk of security breaches or thefts - biometric access control systems reduce the risk of a dangerous security breech as the features analysed (retina scans / finger prints / facial scans) cannot be replicated by any user other than those already verified for access.


Automated Barrier Systems

An automated barrier is a physical access control method where you can control who enters and exits your property or business's car park. You can also use these access control systems to control vehicles and pedestrians in locations such as school zones, retail parks, populated community areas, city centres and industrial sites.

Unlike the previous two access control methods, an automated barrier provides a physical blockade to unauthorised users which is a great deterrent and protection framework against thieves and trespassers. You can also connect automated barrier systems to other access control systems to create a robust and expansive security system for your property.


Bespoke access control systems from IDS Security

If you’re considering installing an access control system but aren’t sure what kind of system is best for your premises, why not request a FREE security survey from IDS? When you choose IDS Security Systems Ltd, your level of security can be completely customisable depending on your business's needs.

We will send one of our experienced engineers to perform an evaluation of your premises. We’ll then issue a free, no-obligation quote for the security system that we feel would best suit your requirements.

Free Security Survey

If you have any further questions about any of our services or security systems, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us. Our expert team will answer any questions you may have and help you to secure your premises today!

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