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 can anyone install cctv

SHORT ANSWER: Anyone can install CCTV cameras, but a professional CCTV installer will get better results.

As they become easier to use in homes, one question arises: is it wise to install CCTV cameras by yourself?


Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras are an excellent security measure, recording what happens around them to deter or identify criminals. One pressing question is, can CCTV cameras see in the dark? Read on to find out!


do burglar alarms have batteries


The short answer is: burglar alarms can have batteries, but they don’t always need them.


where to place fire alarms


Installing a fire alarm is a great way of keeping the occupants of your home or business premises safe from fire. The question is, where should you put it? Read on to find out.


home security common weak points

There is no such thing as a bad time to update your home security system, and this is especially true now that winter is coming, the season in which the risk of home burglaries rises steeply. To make sure you cover your most vulnerable points, we’ve come up with a guide outlining the most common weak points in home security.


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