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An addressable fire alarm system is a fire alarm system in which each device has its own “address.” Read on to find out more.

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

For just one building, such as a house, one fire alarm system is usually sufficient as a safety measure.

If your premises are made up of multiple buildings or locations, you’ll need an addressable fire alarm system. Otherwise, if the alarm goes off, all employees within all buildings will be evacuated when that may not be necessary.

An addressable fire alarm system is one with a central panel that oversees multiple satellite fire alarm devices across multiple locations. Each device has its own address, which means that when an alarm goes off, its exact location can be pinpointed.

This accuracy means that if the fire brigade needs calling, they know where to go, saving valuable time. It also means that only the affected area needs evacuating, instead of having to manage a mass exodus across the whole premises. This is particularly useful in places where multiple buildings constitute one organisation, such as a hospital, university, or school campus.

How Does an Addressable Fire Alarm Work?

Addressable fire alarm systems are more complex than a conventional fire alarm. The whole system uses a specific protocol – a type of language the central panel uses to “talk” to each device.

Each device on the system is allocated its own unique code or number, known as the device address. When a device is added to the system, it gets a unique code of its own, and its real-world location is logged with the central panel.

The central fire alarm panel is in constant communication with its satellite devices, so that when an alarm condition is triggered, you can pinpoint which alarm is going off. This also means that any alarm that’s registering a fault can easily be located for maintenance.

Addressable fire alarm systems are well-suited to large-scale properties with complicated layouts, such as a hospital campus. They can also be used in multi-storey office or apartment buildings to ensure the affected floors and their nearest neighbours can be evacuated first.

If you have any questions about how addressable fire alarm systems work, or if you need one installed on your premises, get in contact and we will be happy to help.

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