Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras are an excellent security measure, recording what happens around them to deter or identify criminals. One pressing question is, can CCTV cameras see in the dark? Read on to find out!

Night Vision CCTV

Night time is the perfect time for a getting away with crime. It’s much harder for humans to see each other at night, so even if a burglar is seen at the scene of a robbery, they might get away under cover of darkness.

Fortunately, night vision cameras exist. Cameras fitted with infrared LED lights can capture and record images during night time or whenever the sky is particularly overcast and dark. This isn’t the green night vision you might see in action movies, but more of a greyscale image.

An infrared bulb emits infrared light, which then reflects back into the camera just like normal light. Although invisible to the human eye, infrared light can be seen using sophisticated light detection technology, which is installed as part of the camera.

Not every camera has this capability. Cheaper CCTV systems might not include it, older systems are unlikely to have it, and not all domestic security systems incorporate it. Fortunately, most modern cameras and camera systems do include infrared technology, leading to a variety of incredible sights being caught on home security cameras and making waves online. Infrared technology is now quite widely used across domestic and commercial security systems. If a CCTV camera has small red bulbs around the central lens, this is usually a sign that it has infrared capabilities.

In sum: CCTV cameras can see in the dark if they have infrared technology installed. Here at IDS Security Ltd, we offer night vision and audio tracking cameras as part of the security systems we install, and every system we install is tailored to our customers and their needs.

If you have any questions about our CCTV systems, or about any of our other services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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