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At IDS, we use the very latest fire protection technology to deliver a system that is intelligently tailored to the individual needs of each client. In order to provide the correct level of protection, while also delivering ease of use and value for money, we offer a variety of of fire alarm systems, which include:

  • Conventional Fire Alarms - Each and every property should have a carefully planned and professionally installed fire alarm system, which provides invaluable protection and peace of mind. Here at IDS, we have extensive experience in the installation and maintenance of conventional fire alarm systems, for both the residential and commercial sector.

  • Addressable Fire Alarm Systems - For large buildings and commercial premises spread over a wide area, a more enhanced fire protection system may be required, in order to provide the desired level of protection and organisational control. These systems give the user advanced capabilities, allowing specific actions and monitoring tasks to be integrated into the system, while providing fast and precise detection in the event of a fire.

  • Wireless Fire Alarm Systems - Our wireless alarm systems provide advanced fire protection, without the need to install a complex network of wires and cables. This is of particular benefit to structures which are protected for conservation purposes, allowing a safe level of fire detection and prevention, while also complying to other regulations imposed on the building. These systems are also advantageous to buildings where a longer installation processes would be inconvenient, as well as temporary set ups, such as premises with ongoing building work.

If you would like to find out more about our range of fire protection technology, get in touch with the team at IDS today! Simply fill out our quick enquiry form here, or call us on 02920 753 251.
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