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latest CCTV technology

As we approach 2018 there is an explosion of advancing technology made to make our lives easier, and while you may be excited for AI and self-driving cars it's also an excellent time to consider how this advancing technology could help you protect your property. The latest CCTV technology has revolutionised how we protect our homes, with CCTV not only deterring crime but by ensuring that if something does happen that it is all caught clearly on camera. 

At IDS we keep up with the latest developments in the industry so that you can be assured that we are all-knowledgeable about the most-effective security systems. We offer a range of advanced security systems encompassing digital recording, fibre optic transmission, radio transmission and computer monitoring. To see our range of CCTV security systems you can click here. Or for a closer look at some of the latest CCTV technology developments, read below: 

IP Cameras

IP stands for Internet protocol, meaning that the cameras can send and receive data via the internet and computer networks. They continue to evolve which is why they have become one of our most popular security products. Here are some of the benefits of a state-of-the-art CCTV camera: 

  • Higher Resolution - 1080HD now the main resolution on specs with consultants at 8-10ips. H.265 now utilised in the market.
  • Fish Eye lenses and panoramic cameras are now used to capture the widest picture possible.
  • IP cameras can be combined with access systems, alarms and more, in order to provide unified and seamless execution in areas of all sizes.
  • Options to store footage to an SD card or via Cloud Storage. 

latest CCTV technology 2018

Not only is the latest CCTV technology more technically advanced for capturing footage, they are also becoming more and more intelligent. Gone are the days of indistinguishable, grainy images, now cameras are intelligent enough to recognise a vast range of information, such as:

  • People Counting
  • Queue Analysis
  • Gender Recognition
  • Kinetic Mapping
  • Queue Analysis
  • Dwell Analysis

 As well as IP cameras and surveillance we offer a range of alternatives such as PTZ cameras, External CCTV detection units, Digital video recorders and NRS and hard drive recorders. We work with you to see what best suits your property and create a security system that matches your lifestyle.

If you have any questions about the latest CCTV technology or any of the other security systems we offer, don't hesitate to get in touch. Our team of experts can help you pick a security system that matches your exact requirements.

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CCTV Maintenance

CCTV cameras are fast becoming one of the most popular security options we offer here at IDS. Surveillance cameras offer added security that allows you to monitor the premises of your property which deters crime, but also records video evidence if a crime is committed. This extra security measure gives you peace of mind that you are taking safety precautions that make your property extra secure.

Some security companies will guide you through the buying process but leave your security system for you to install and maintain. At IDS, we are with you through the whole process - we will help you select the best security system to suit you, install it, and provide CCTV maintenance thereafter. 

CCTV maintenance is key to ensuring that your security system is performing it's best at all times. The last thing you want is to ignore CCTV maintenance and find out it wasn't working in the event of a crime. Like all technology, if you want it to work to the best of its ability, maintenance is key. We offer maintenance for all the CCTV systems we supply so if you are looking to have one installed, learn more about what we offer here

We use state-of-the-art surveillance technology including radio transmission, fibre optic transmission, digital recording and computer monitoring to make sure you are as secure as possible. We understand there isn't a 'one size fits all' solution to security, so we will work with you to ensure we have taken all your requirements into consideration when advising you on your CCTV system.

Our CCTV systems include:

  • PTZ Cameras
  • IP Cameras & Surveillance
  • External CCTV Detection Units
  • Digital Video Recorder and NVR
  • Hard Drive Recorders

If you have any questions about our CCTV maintenance service or any of the other services feel free to get in touch. Our expert team is happy to help you with your query so contact us today.


For colleges and universities, CCTV systems can prove vital to overall security operations, providing a reliable system for monitoring and deterring crimes on campus, as well as safeguarding the wellbeing of staff and students.

Some of the benefits of installing a CCTV system on university or college property include:

  • The protection of valuable university resources and equipment.
  • Maintaining a secure environment for students and staff, by detecting suspicious behaviour or unauthorised access.
  • Providing video evidence to resolve issues of criminal activity on campus.
  • Deterring crimes against students.
  • Enforcing the institution's policy, by ensuring that the correct guidelines for conduct and procedure are being followed.
& more!

Here at IDS, we have worked with several educational institutions in the past, including the University of Wales and Cardiff University, in order to provide advanced security systems that can be used to maintain campus security. Thanks to our experience in devising and installing CCTV networks on a large scale, we have the knowledge to provide a surveillance system that meets every individual requirement, while also providing optimal functionality to the end user. 

In addition, we can also tailor our CCTV services to the scale of the project in question, in order to ensure that the solution is suitable for the level of security and versatility required for each individual environment.

To find out more about our CCTV cameras and services, click here, or get in touch with IDS Security today!

At IDS, one of our main priorities for clients of all sizes, is to ensure that we are able to provide maximum flexibility when planning and installing their solution. When it comes to CCTV systems, we realise that clients are looking to optimise the impact of this technology, by ensuring that it not only enhances their existing security set-up, but also simplifies it. 

With our remote monitoring capabilities, we are able to offer CCTV systems to improve the reliability and efficiency of your security measures, without adding any unnecessary expense and hassle. Whether you need your CCTV footage to be monitored continuously, or require something more specific, IDS can provide a professional monitoring service that is tailored to your individual needs. When suspicious behaviour is detected, or triggered by a certain set of activities within the area, our monitoring station will take action straight away, to ensure that the behaviour is dealt with accordingly.

Here are just some of the benefits which come from investing in a remotely-monitored CCTV system:
  • Enhanced security at any time of day.
  • Reduces the need for staff monitoring.
  • Provides intelligent recording, based on your exact needs.
  • Enables a quick response to security breaches and criminal activity.
If you are interested in finding out more about our CCTV monitoring services, simply get in touch today, by clicking here.
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