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Burglars usually want to get the job done as quickly and with as little risk as possible, so there are certain houses that they tend to avoid.

If you’re looking for advice on how to burglar-proof your home, consider one or more of the deterrents listed below.


What are retractable bollards?

Retractable bollards (also known as rising bollards, automatic bollards and telescopic bollards) are a type of vehicle barrier. As the name suggests, retractable bollards retract into the ground, either automatically or manually, to allow cars and other vehicles to enter/pass through a restricted area.


access control point


If you’re looking to secure your premises and ensure that only authorised individuals can enter, an access control system is the best way to achieve this. These systems (e.g. a keypad on an entrance door) allow you to decide who can access restricted areas within your premises.


cctv camera sign


Do CCTV cameras have to be visible?

The short answer is yes, CCTV cameras do need to be visible or at least sign posted. Read on to learn more about CCTV surveillance rules.


In large residential buildings and commercial premises, a single fire alarm is not enough to keep everyone safe. Installing interlinked fire alarms is not only a legal requirement, but the best way to ensure you are made aware of any potential hazards as quickly as possible.

In this blog post, we’ll explain the importance of interlinked fire alarms and break down the most recent guidance to help you ensure your premises are protected in line with the law.


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