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Warehouses are used by businesses in many different industries (including transport, retail and manufacturing) to store all kinds of goods.

Typically, these are very large buildings located in remote areas. This can make warehouses an attractive target for criminals who are looking to gain access and potentially steal inventory and/or damage property.

Warehouses are also busy workplaces that see a lot of foot traffic. Many different workers and delivery drivers pass through every day, so it can be hard to keep track of who has access to the building and when.

To help combat these risks, we recommend installing an extensive, professional security system. Not sure what security systems your warehouse needs? Here’s how IDS can help you to protect your property.


Access control

The goal of a security system is to protect and deter, so at the very least you should be putting physical barriers in place to prevent the wrong people from entering.

There are lots of ways to limit people’s access to your warehouse. You can start by reinforcing your windows and doors and upgrading the locks, but the best way to protect yourself is by installing an access control system.

Access control systems can control and regulate:

  • Who has access to a property
  • When they have access
  • Where they can enter/exit the premises

These systems include the use of:

  • Smart cards
  • Key fobs
  • Intercom systems
  • Biometrics, including fingerprints and facial recognition

Access control systems are very effective in securing buildings like warehouses because, unlike traditional locks and keys, you can immediately disable any cards or fobs that get stolen, lost, or if the holder no longer needs access to the premises.

An access control system can also keep a record of who entered/exited your warehouse and at what times. This information could prove very useful if a crime is committed on the premises.


Intruder alarms

Intruder/burglar alarms are an essential for warehouse owners. Installing them at entry points like windows and doors will not only alert you if someone tries to enter, but the alarm will also startle and hopefully scare off any trespassers.

We recommend installing several motion sensors near all windows and doors. Where possible, opt for intruder alarms that utilise the latest digital signalling equipment – this will ensure that the relevant emergency services are informed when an incident occurs.


CCTV cameras

As we’ve mentioned, warehouses can often be very large buildings covering a large area, which makes it difficult to man all entry/exit points and high-value locations. That’s why so many businesses install to monitor these areas for them.
Installing an effective CCTV camera system will ensure that any crime committed on the premises is captured on film, making it easier for the authorities to investigate and obtain evidence.

CCTV cameras also do a great job of deterring potential criminals as well as employee theft.

Surveillance cameras are particularly useful when integrated with other systems such as security barriers and intruder alarms.


Fire protection

Warehouses can often store highly flammable materials that put the entire structure and the people inside it at risk. On top of this, other fire risk factors include electrical faults, accidents and arsonists.

A warehouse fire can not only result in damage to property/goods, but it can also cause serious financial loss, as well as injury and even death. This is why warehouse owners are required by law to have an effective fire protection system in place and conduct a thorough fire risk assessment.

For very large warehouses, we recommend investing in a networked, multi-panel addressable fire alarm system.


Warehouse security systems from IDS

Here at IDS, we specialise in designing, installing and monitoring state-of-the-art security systems for warehouses and other business premises. Whatever your security needs, we can provide you with a system that is tailored specifically to you. Contact us today to request a quote or arrange a site visit.

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