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Keeping your home and belongings safe is a top priority for any homeowner. A humble lock might suffice for some, but for increased security, a burglar alarm is tough to beat.

With a growing number of DIY alarm systems on the market, we still think it’s best to get your burglar alarm installed by a professional. Read on to find out why.


1) Professional Installation Means Professional Quality

Installing your own burglar alarm is becoming much easier these days. There are plenty of smart home security systems available, most of which can easily be set up by the homeowner.

But as anyone who has done DIY knows, doing it yourself can lead to problems later on. A bookshelf can collapse because of a missed screw. What happens if your burglar alarm doesn’t activate because you missed a step during installation?

Having your alarm system installed by a reputable company, such as one approved by the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Boards (SSAIB), should ensure a high standard of work.

On top of this, a professional will know how to deal with any electrical wiring issues the alarm system may encounter. You may, for example, need to install wires for an alarm on an external wall. It’s not safe to do this if you’re not qualified to handle electrical equipment, but getting a professional in should solve this problem.


2) Security Assessment

Having your alarm installed by a professional means they can conduct a more thorough security assessment. They can then find security weaknesses you might have missed doing it yourself. The assessment will also determine the optimal locations for sensors, cameras, and so on.

All of this means your burglar alarm system will actually help protect your home from burglars. Plus, the difference between a professional system and a DIY system is usually very obvious to burglars, with the external siren of a professionally-installed system acting as a strong deterrent to potential thieves.


3) Police Response

Installing your own alarm will give you some peace of mind, but it may also mean you are the only one monitoring the system.

With a professional installation, you can often include external monitoring as part of the package you purchase. External monitoring means quicker access to a police response, adding an extra layer of security to your alarm system.

Note: This does not mean the police monitor the alarm, because alarm systems aren’t connected to the police. Alarm systems can be monitored by Alarm Receiving Centres, who will then contact the police if necessary.


4) Maintenance and Upgrades

Installing your own burglar alarm system also means taking on all the responsibility for the maintenance and upgrades it will need over time.

Choosing professional alarm installation means you may well be offered a maintenance package as part of the deal, as well as upgrades at discounted prices further down the line.


5) Home Insurance

Installing a burglar alarm could help bring down your home insurance premiums. But a professionally-installed alarm system may bring them down even further.

Some home insurance companies will require you to have a professionally-installed alarm that complies with national standards to access either their policies or their discounts.

And there you have it: our top 5 reasons to get your burglar alarm installed by professionals. We strongly believe you will be better off with a professional installation. If you need a burglar alarm or security system for your house, contact us and we can undertake a free security survey for you.

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