Controlling access to a building is a great way of keeping it secure. But there are many different access control options to choose from, and it can be difficult to determine which is the right choice for you. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

What is access control?

As its name suggests, ‘access control’ is about controlling and regulating access to a restricted space (such as a block of flats or ‘staff only’ areas in a shop). Access control systems – also known as door entry systems – allow you to determine:

• Who has access
• When they can have access
• How access works

A locked front door with a bell is a form of access control for your home: only those who ring the bell and/or have a key can get into the building. There are a wide variety of access control options that improve on these humble foundations, and we’re experts in their installation and use.

Access control options

There are many options to choose from when it comes to controlling access to your premises. You could stick with the humble key and lock, which might suffice for your home, but may not be secure enough for a business.

Greater security comes with more sophisticated access control systems, such as:

• Key pads
• Access cards
• Fobs
• Intercoms
• Biometric data scanners for fingerprints or retinal scans

Such systems can also record data like entry times and user identity, adding an extra layer of security. Knowing who has access and when they used it means that any breaches of security should be easier to address. A good access control system will give you full control over who accesses your property, how they do it, and when they can do it.

Alarms can also be connected to your access control system, meaning that if the system is breached, the alarm goes off – or vice versa, if the alarm goes off, the access control system can lock down, keeping the perpetrator inside.

Which access control options are best for me? 

If you’re unsure what type of access control system would best suit your premises, consider booking a free security survey with IDS Security. We can arrange for one of our experienced engineers to visit your property and recommend the best door entry system for your requirements.

Here’s a closer look at some of the systems we can install for you:

Key fob security

Key fob access control is a great unmanned security solution. It works well in apartment buildings and some small-scale offices. This type of systems is simple to install and maintain, and can be adapted or expanded easily.

Access cards

Access cards are very similar to the key fob, but may require an identifying photograph on the card before the user can have it.


An intercom works rather like a combination of a phone line and a doorbell, and is adaptable across various types of property. Users press a button, identify themselves, and can be refused or granted access. This adds a layer of personal control, giving a direct point of contact between a property and its visitors.

Biometric access control

Biometric access control systems are a very sophisticated and secure access control option. Scanning part of a user’s body, whether it’s their retinas, face, or fingerprints, ensures that only authorised personnel can access the restricted area in question. Biometric access control options are more often deployed in high-security environments, like banks, science laboratories, hospitals, and government buildings.

Automated barrier

An automated barrier is a physical access control option that literally blocks an unwanted car from driving onto your premises. It’s a physical blockade against unauthorised visitors, and will not let anyone in without them having the right access control method – a key fob or a swipe card, for example.

As long as it is well-maintained, an access control system will do a lot to help your business stay secure and protected. If you think your business needs access control, get in touch today and request a free, no-obligation quote.

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