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Door entry systems are one of the best ways to control access to a property or business – but what happens in situations when you want people without access to enter?

In emergency situations, there’s not always time or opportunity to grant access to firefighters, paramedics, or police officers. However, in situations where these services are needed, there is rarely time to waste.

This all naturally leads to the question, can emergency services override door entry systems?

Access Control Systems in Emergency Situations

The short answer is yes, emergency services can override access control systems like door entry systems in case of emergency.

They do this by using a tool known as a fireman’s switch. A fireman’s switch is an override tool installed into buildings that gives emergency services the ability to shut down electrical devices in the case of an emergency.

Any electrical device over 1,000V AC must be equipped with a fireman’s switch. These devices are usually installed in a clearly visible location, and will be no more that 9ft from the ground. Fireman’s switches can be installed either internally or externally, depending on your needs. They will also be bright red and clearly indicated with a tag reading ‘FIREMAN’S SWITCH’.

Some designs of fireman’s switch just have a lever that can be flipped from ‘ON’ to ‘OFF’ in case of emergency. Other switches look like a small hole in the wall that can only be accessed with a device called a fireman’s drop key. This device inserts into the hole and can activate the fireman’s switch.

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Access systems are a great way to protect your property and control access. There are a range of different system options available, such as smart cards, key fobs, intercom systems, and biometrics.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the range of access control systems offered by IDS Security, check out the informational page on our website.

Access Control Systems


If you’re still not sure whether access control is the right security measure for you, or have any unanswered questions about emergency access, reach out and contact us today to talk to one of our experienced team members. Alternatively, IDS Security also offers a FREE security survey. One of our experienced engineers will come to your property to conduct a bespoke survey, after which they’ll issue with a report of their professional recommendation as to which security system will best benefit you, along with a no-nonsense quote as to how much you might expect to pay.  

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