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The perfect mark for a burglar is one that fits their primary ideal: High reward, low risk.

The following indicators are things a burglar looks for to let them know that your home falls into that category.

Convenient Location

Burglars are all about convenience, but what exactly does it mean to have a home in a convenient location for a burglar?

Location doesn’t just apply to where your house is (quiet street, poorly lit), but where the potential entrances to your property are. If you have an exposed house that’s highly visible from the street, that puts the burglar at high risk of being seen. If your house has alley way entrances, or lots of shrubbery that provides ample cover for peeking in windows, your property becomes more of an attractive target.

Valuables on Display

If a burglar is able to look through the window and see valuables like expensive electronics (TV, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, Laptops, etc), jewellery, or cash, these are all a massive incentive for them to target your house since they have visual confirmation that there are items of value inside. Even seeing the empty boxes out for recycling can act as an indication that there are items inside that are worth stealing.  

You’re on Holiday

You can hardly be blamed for going on holiday, but certain giveaways that you're away for a long stretch of time can indicate to thieves that your home is a potential target. Examples include mail piling up on your doorstep, the lights off at all times, and general inactivity.

Knowing that the house is unattended and is unlikely to have visitors in the near future gives thieves a lot of confidence. They are less likely to be caught in the act, giving them plenty of time to comb the house for valuables. It also means that there is likely going to be a long period of days, maybe even weeks, between the crime being committed and the crime being reported, meaning that by the time the police arrive, they’ll be long gone.

Unlocked Doors

This one might seem pretty obvious, but leaving your doors and windows unlocked makes it ridiculously easy for a burglar to enter your home. You’d be surprised that the number of people who forget to lock their back door when they leave the house. Burglars are likely to check every possible entrance, window and door, so leaving even one unlocked could be granting a burglar access.

No Security Systems

Perhaps the biggest factor in whether or not a burglar thinks your home will be worth invading is whether or not you have a security system installed.

Having a security system installed reduces the risk of your home being target significantly, particularly if said security system is visible to the would-be burglar.

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