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If you have a CCTV camera installed on your property, or you're looking to have one installed in the future, you should always follow the laws and CCTV regulations to ensure that you comply with the UK CCTV rules.

In this blog, we'll outline the CCTV regulation laws from the Information Commissioner's Office and the the Surveillance Camera Commissioner in the UK. These CCTV laws will allow you to use your CCTV camera system while protecting yourself, your property, and anyone else that may be recorded using your CCTV system. 


The Information Commissioner's Office

The Information Commissioner's Office, also known as the ICO, are the UK's independent body which work to uphold information rights. As such, the ICO enforce GDPR and Data Protection Act (DPA) laws within the UK. 

If you own a CCTV system and fail to follow the CCTV regulations in the UK, you could breach GDPR and DPA, which could result in potential legal action. 

The ICO urges anyone that owns a CCTV camera or a smart doorbell to:

  • Always provide a recording if asked by a person who's image/audio has been captured
  • Regularly delete the footage captured
  • Delete recordings of people if they request you to
  • Immediately stop recording if someone objects to the use of the CCTV systems

If these UK CCTV rules are not followed, the affected person(s) can complain to the ICO. However, the ICO aren't able to enforce any further action from this point:

"If you ask a domestic CCTV user for copies of footage that captures your image or voice and they refuse, you can complain to us. 

We can write to the person and ask them to provide you with the footage. That is the extent of the action we can take. 

We cannot force a person to remove their cameras. It is highly unlikely the ICO will consider it fair or balanced to take enforcement action against a domestic CCTV user."

Alternatively, it is recommended that the affected person(s) open up a discussion with the CCTV system owner to discuss their concerns and issues to prevent any further conflict.


The Surveillance Camera Commissioner

Created under the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (PoFA), the Surveillance Camera Commissioner (SCC) works to encourage compliance with the Home Secretary's Surveillance Camera Code of Practice.

It is important to note, however, that the SCC does not regulate domestic CCTV systems. Alternatively they encourage usage of their guiding principles on a 'voluntary' basis. These principles apply to 'the overt use of surveillance camera systems that are operated by relevant authorities only (police, local authorities, parish councils etc.) in England and Wales'.

The Surveillance Camera Code of Practice has 12 guiding principles, which state: 

  • The CCTV camera system should have a specified purpose in pursuit of a legitimate aim.
  • The owner of the CCTV system should take into account its effect on the privacy of others.
  • The owner of the CCTV system should hold clear responsibility and accountability for all information stored on the system.
  • There should be clear knowledge of CCTV rules, polices and procedures in place before the CCTV system is used. These CCTV regulations should be communicated to all who need to comply with them. 
  • Access to the information stored in the CCTV system should be restricted to the essential people required.
  • It is the responsibility of the CCTV owner to maintain the system's operational and technical standards.
  • CCTV system information should be subject to security measures to safeguard against unauthorised access and use.
  • The owner of the CCTV system should frequently review and audit the system to comply with UK laws and regulations.
  • Any information used to support a CCTV system compared to a reference database should be accurate and frequently updated. 


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