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Over the years, we've worked with a variety of large and small businesses in all sorts of industries, including those which operate in particularly active and fast-paced environments. In the case of production and manufacturing companies, we've learnt a great deal about the level of security and attention to detail that is required by these businesses, in order to ensure that operations are completed safely and efficiently, in order to maximise productivity. 

CCTV systems offer an enhanced level of control across factory premises, enhancing the capabilities of security and supervision measures, order to maintain a high standard of care for both staff and customers, along with the products themselves. 

Here are just some of the benefits that CCTV systems are able to provide to factory owners and manufacturing companies:

  • Loss Control - Provides a solution to deter theft from both internal and external sources, while also serving as video evidence in the event of unlawful activity.

  • Health and Safety - CCTV aids the process of monitoring and maintaining the high level of safety required in factory environments, by identifying possible hazards from unsafe working conditions or practices, as well as ensuring that the existing systems are being properly followed and enforced.

  • Production Quality - Working practices are not only important for safety, but also contribute to the quality of the products themselves. CCTV allows employers to ensure that the correct levels or productivity are being maintained, while also identifying possible areas for future improvement.

  • Flexible and Comprehensive Monitoring - Having a CCTV network allows a variety of areas to be monitored at once, which is ideal for large companies who wish to maintain a high level of security, while also streamlining surveillance systems.

  • Enhanced Access Control & Intruder Detection - CCTV can be combined with alarm systems and entrances to detect and prevent intruders more efficiently, without increasing on-site staffing.
Are you a business owner that would like to find out more about factory CCTV? Get in touch with IDS today, to find out more about the huge variety of security systems that we are able to provide.
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