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When it comes to selecting a security alarm, it can be difficult to know which one to go for since there’s such a wide range of systems available on the market. Identifying how burglars might try and enter your home can help you select the best security system to keep you and your property safe.

In this blog post we’re going to be taking a look at some of the most common methods that home invaders use to invade residential properties, and some of the best ways you can protect your property and prevent attacks on your home.

How do Home Invaders Enter Your Property?

The term ‘breaking and entering’ might bring to mind some ideas of broken windows and violent destruction, but most home invaders don’t ‘break’ at all. It is estimated that around 56% of home invaders use either the front door or the back door, and another 23% use first floor windows. That means almost 80% of home invaders use either a door or a window to get in. Particularly in the summer time, leaving doors and windows open to let in a fresh breeze can seem like an open invitation to home invaders.

That said, a large number of burglaries occur in the night time, when people are asleep. The cover of night gives them more places to hide and avoid being spotted, and there are less people around who might witness their activity. A majority of invasions actually occur when someone is in the home. 

This can be a worry to some people, knowing that there may be home invaders looking to enter your property as you sleep can be quite an intimidating thought! Having the presence of a security alarm can really help you sleep better at night – literally. Knowing that your home is protected both when you’re out of the house and when you’re asleep at night can bring you great peace of mind, and is just one reason why it's such a good idea to protect your home with an intruder alarm.

Here at IDS Security, we’d highly recommend getting an intruder alarm to protect your home. Our intruder alarms allow your house to be monitored, meaning that the second an intruder attempts to breach your home, you'll know about it. To find out more about how an intruder alarm will benefit your home and what IDS can offer, click the link below.

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Not sure if an intruder alarm is the right option for you? Feeling overwhelmed by the wide range of different security systems available? Reach out to IDS to get a free security survey today. IDS Security will send one of their highly qualified engineers to conduct a free, no-obligation survey and give you their professional advice on what kind of security solution would best suit your property.

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If you have any further questions about the services IDS security offer, or how a security system from IDS will help protect your property, reach out and contact us today. Our first-rate team will answer any questions you might have, and do their best to help you in any way possible. 

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