what is a vehicle barrier


A vehicle barrier acts as a physical boundary that can slow or completely stop vehicles in areas of high pedestrian traffic. You will usually find a vehicle barrier in areas such as school zones, private communities or retail car parks, as these areas usually have a high volume of pedestrians. Vehicle barriers work to protect buildings and pedestrians in the area, as well as vehicles. 


What Are the Different Types of Vehicle Barrier?

There are different types of vehicle barrier suited for every environment. Each one is slightly different in the way they work to protect and secure your personal or commercial property, but they all have the same shared purpose: to control vehicles and pedestrians.


  • Used as an entrance control measure in event facilities and venues for security, surveillance, attendance control and payment enforcement.

Rising and Retractable Bollards

  • Used to prevent vehicle access in a specific area, especially in areas with a high vehicle flow (car parks, pedestrianised areas etc.) 

Automatic Traffic Barriers

  • Used to control vehicle access within a specific area, such as in a car park. They are an incredibly robust and low-maintenance vehicle security option. 

Vehicle Gates

  • Used to protect off-limits areas or to supervise entrances into an area. They can also have electric or magnetic door releases for full control over access to a specific area.


Why Would You Use a Vehicle Barrier? 

A vehicle barrier provides a physical blockade to those who are not allowed within a certain vicinity. They act as excellent deterrents for trespassers, as they will either damage themselves or their vehicle if they attempt to gain access.


Where Would You Use a Vehicle Barrier?

You would use a vehicle barrier in an area of high pedestrian or vehicle traffic. For example, you would use a vehicle barrier in: 

  • School zones
  • Retail parks
  • Community areas
  • City centres
  • Industrial sites


What Are the Benefits of Having a Vehicle Barrier? 

If you choose to have vehicle barriers around your property, there are many benefits that come with it. 

For example, with a vehicle barrier, you will be able to reduce traffic and the risk of accidents from speeding. This will also enhance the security of pedestrians and road workers in the area. 

Vehicle barriers are also essential for property security, as they can be combined with CCTV and access control systems to prohibit or allow access for an added layer of security for your property. 


Get Vehicle Barriers from IDS Security

If you've been thinking about adding vehicle barriers to your property (home or commercial!) our expert team at IDS Security can help you.

We offer a selection of effective vehicle barriers that are easy to operate. We work with reputable suppliers including CAME and FAAC, so you know you're in good hands. We have years of experience in installing and maintaining vehicle barriers, so we can even help you decide on the best location to install them!

Visit our security barriers page to find out more about the vehicle barriers we offer. If you're ready to start the installation process, you can request a survey and one of our friendly technicians will be in touch.

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