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Chance & Counters is a board game café that opened in the centre of Cardiff. Spread over three storeys in a picturesque Victorian building on High Street, Chance & Counters is home to more than 500 board games, which visitors are encouraged to try out while they sample a variety of dishes and drinks.

Chance and Counters Cardiff

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As one of Cardiff's leading security companies, IDS Security Systems Ltd were asked to provide a range security and fire protection solutions for the new café. Not only did we supply the cameras and alarms for Chance & Counters, we also designed the whole system and installed it ourselves. Our experienced engineers handled the job with their usual professionalism, and we are very proud to have been involved in this fantastic, unique addition to Cardiff's food and drink scene.

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IDS supplied and installed the following systems:

If you require an expertly-designed security and/or fire protection system for your premises, please call IDS Security on 029 20 753 251 or enquire online to request a quotation. No job is too big, too small or too unusual!

No matter what sort of service your business provides, it's important to ensure that your site / building is secure. Many business owners look to heighten their security after an incident has occurred, but it's far better to take the necessary measures beforehand and prevent break-ins from happening in the first place.

To ensure that you don't fall victim to theft, here are a few tips to help you bolster the security of your business:

Ensure everything is locked

This may seem pretty obvious, but you'd be surprised how many times people forget to lock a door or window because they're in a rush to leave at the end of the day. Slow down and give yourself time to ensure that everything is locked; if you can't remember whether or not you checked a particular entry point (e.g. 'Did I remember to lock the windows in the break room?') then check again.

Install CCTV cameras

Installing surveillance cameras will deter criminals and help to prevent thefts from occurring. CCTV cameras can be fitted in a wide variety of locations to provide you with comprehensive coverage. To learn about the surveillance services we can offer your business, click here.

Don't hand out keys to just anyone

Only issue keys to reliable and trustworthy staff members. You don't want to hand a key to an employee who is likely to lose it or forget to lock up properly. Ensure that each keyholder understands the full lock-up process.

Control who enters your building

Installing a door entry system is a great way to control who is and isn't able to enter your building. These systems can be operated by trusted members of staff using contactless smart cards or key fobs. Door entry systems prevent strangers from strolling through your building, and therefore increase the security of your workplace and the people inside. To take a look at the door entry systems we can provide, please click here

Fit an intruder alarm

If you want to protect your business from intruders, there's no better way to do so than fitting an intruder alarm. If triggered, your alarm system will let the authorities know that an intruder has attempted to enter your building. It's important to ensure that your alarm system is properly armed when the building is left vacant. As with the keys to your office, you shouldn't share your alarm code with everybody; appoint dedicated alarm setters whom you can trust. If you're interested in installing an intruder alarm in your building, click here

Security Barriers 

Similar to door entry systems, security barriers are a great way to restrict the movement of vehicles and pedestrians on your site. We at IDS offer a fantastic range of security barrier systems; click here to find out more. 

Warehouse Interior

If you store your company's products in a warehouse - no matter how big or how small that warehouse is - it's a good idea to make sure it's as secure as possible. That means keeping it locked overnight and making it difficult for trespassers to gain entry in the first place, but it's also a good idea to install a security camera system to ensure that any break-ins / thefts are caught on film.

Here at IDS Security Systems Ltd, we supply, install and service a range of CCTV systems that are ideal for a warehouse environment. Safeguarding your warehouse with a series of security cameras will deter potential intruders, as well as making it easier for the authorities to investigate any robberies that do occur. Furthermore, since we at IDS provide a full 24-hour monitoring and engineering service, you can rest easy in the knowledge that someone is keeping an eye on your security cameras and ready to spring into action if necessary.

What warehouse security cameras can we supply?

We supply the following surveillance solutions, all of which can be installed in your warehouse by our experienced installation specialists:
  • PTZ cameras (Pan-Tilt-Zoom)
  • IP cameras
  • Digital video recorders
  • Network video records (NVR)
  • Hard drive recorders
IDS install and service security systems for businesses across Wales and England. Please contact us today to request a quotation for your warehouse's security cameras, or click here to find out more about our CCTV solutions.

Other security systems from IDS:

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As a business owner, you no doubt want to keep the cost of running your business as low as possible. This can be achieved by - for example - moving certain systems online, or adopting an environmental management system that helps you to cut down on water and energy bills. Both of these are smart, sensible money-saving moves.

But what about the cost of protecting your business with a security system? Is this an expense that you can safely cut from your company's budget as long as you remember to lock up properly every night? Or is security technology a necessary expenditure that's worth the cost?

Security Cameras

The answer does depend slightly on the nature of your business and the industry you're in, but generally speaking, it is in every business owner's best interest to secure their premises with a security system.

Not only will certain types of security system make it far more difficult for intruders to access your building, they can actually deter would-be criminals from even attempting to enter in the first place. Most burglars will not target a property that is visibly protected by an alarm system and/or monitored by security cameras, and in the event that a break-in does occur, a good-quality security system can help you and the authorities to find the trespasser and - hopefully - recover any stolen goods.

Which security system should I get?

Once you've decided to have a security system installed on your company's premises, the next hurdle is deciding what kind of security system to utilise. Here are just a few of the available options:
  • Security Alarms - Many business owners use alarm systems to keep trespassers off their premises overnight. The alarm system is armed when the building is locked up, and if anybody enters, the alarm will sound and (depending on your alarm system) the police may automatically be notified of the break-in. Authorised personnel can disarm the alarm system by entering a secret code or scanning an electronic tag.

  • CCTV Cameras - CCTV cameras record video footage of your premises, so everything is caught on camera. This footage can help with police investigations, and as mentioned above, intruders are often put off when they notice a CCTV camera monitoring the building they are thinking of targeting.

  • Access Control Systems - These systems allow you to manage access to your premises, restricting unauthorised entry via a variety of different methods. Some door entry systems require guests to enter a passcode or swipe a keycard, while others use sophisticated biometric technology (e.g. fingerprint recognition).
Of course, there's no reason why you can't combine multiple security systems and protect your business using several different technologies. Whatever you need from your security system(s), get in touch with IDS Security Systems Ltd today - we supply, install, and service a wide variety of cutting-edge security solutions across Wales and England.
Security systems

Security technology is more advanced now than it has ever been before, and yet break-ins and burglaries are still a big concern for business owners.

Fortunately, there are a few simple security measures that you can take in order to protect your business from crime, even when you're not on the premises. We specialise in security here at IDS - here are 4 security tips to help you safeguard your premises:

1. Lock all doors and windows.

This should go without saying, but many a business owner has gone home at the end of another day without locking up properly and ended up paying the price. You obviously need to lock all doors when you're not on the premises, but you should also be sure to shut and lock all windows: an open window is an easy access point for a burglar, and even if it's not open very wide, the intruder may still be able to force it open and climb through.

2. Make sure you've got good locking hardware.

Locks are your building's primary defence against trespassers, so do a little research and make sure you're using strong, high-quality locking hardware on all entrance points. You may also wish to invest in some shutters to give your premises an extra line of fortification.

3. Install an alarm system.

A good intruder alarm system will deter trespassers, and some of the more modern systems will automatically call the police when set off. Make sure you train your staff to activate and deactivate the alarm system, especially if they're responsible for opening and/or locking up the premises - you don't want them to leave the alarm system switched off overnight, and nor do you want them setting off the alarm and summoning the police for no reason!

4. Use CCTV cameras to keep watch while you're away.

Security cameras can be another very effective means of deterring potential burglars - most people won't commit a crime when they know that there's a camera watching their every move! Furthermore, if you are the victim of a break-in / burglary, CCTV footage can help the authorities to identify and track down the culprit more easily.

IDS Security Systems Ltd supply and install cutting-edge security systems across Wales and England. Visit our About Us page for more information, or click here to request a quote.
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