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Houses in autumn

Today - the 22nd of September - is the first day of autumn. The nights have already started drawing in, and the days will only get shorter from here.

Autumn can be a magical time, but unfortunately, the longer nights do make things easier for burglars. According to insurance data from recent years, break-ins become 34% more common after the clocks have gone back, and it's not hard to guess why: criminals generally prefer to operate under cover of darkness, and there's more darkness to be had in autumn and winter than in spring and summer.

We at IDS install and maintain a wide variety of home security systems, so it's safe to say we know a thing or two about keeping homes safe. Here are some autumn security tips to help you reduce your risk of burglary at this time of year:

  • Lock up when you leave the house. This goes without saying, really, but be honest: do you think carefully about what you're doing every single time you leave the house? It's surprisingly easy to forget to lock the door when you're running on autopilot, so try to be switched on when you're going out - especially during the autumn months, when there's a good chance night will have fallen by the time you get back.

  • Use lights to give the impression that you're home. Few burglars will risk breaking into a property that appears to be occupied, so if you're going to be leaving your home vacant for a whole evening, it may be a good idea to leave a light on. Of course, people don't tend to stay in one room and keep their lights on all night, so you may wish to invest in timed lights that switch on and off at random intervals (to make it look like you're moving around the property) and stay off after bedtime.

  • Get to know your neighbours. If you make friends with the people who live in the houses next door and across the road from yours, you can all look out for each other and watch for signs of criminal activity. Let your neighbours know if you're going to be vacating your home for days on end, and they can keep an eye out on your behalf.

  • Consider installing security lights. Motion-activated floodlights can detect movement around the perimeter of your property and switch on automatically, illuminating the area and preventing trespassers from hiding in the darkness. Bear in mind that these bright lights can be a nuisance for your neighbours, especially if your street gets a lot of foot traffic and the lights turn on every time someone walks past. Think carefully about where you place the lights and how you position them.

  • Invest in a home security system. Intruder alarms, door entry panels, CCTV at IDS Security Systems Ltd, we offer a range of different systems to help you protect your property from thieves. Give us a call on 029 20 753 251 to request a quote for your state-of-the-art home security solution.

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