how to secure your home from burglars


In 2021/22 alone, there were 266,283 burglaries in England and Wales. Home security is essential for the safety of your loved ones and your possessions, and especially for peace of mind. Whilst it is impossible to completely eradicate the possibility of a burglary, there are some tips that can come in handy when securing your home.


Top Tips: How to Secure Your Home From Burglars


1. Think about what you post online

Don't give any potential burglars the opportunity to do some internet shopping of your property! Be wary of what you post and where. Whilst it may be tempting to post flashy pictures of your latest decor, you could also (unknowingly) be promoting your belongings to a budding thief. 

It may also be handy to go through your social media and delete any images with important and unique information, such as your door number or street name. There are also lots of editing apps that you can use to blur out high-risk information!

2. Invest in curtains

This one may seem a bit silly, but many valuables are often left in full display within a house. By investing in high-quality, thick curtains, it means that potential burglars are unable to look in and do some window shopping. 

It's a fool-proof way to make a thief's life more difficult, as they will be unable to gauge if there is anything worth a pretty penny. 

3. Install a quality security system 

Burglars never want to get caught, and the best way to deter a thief is by installing an efficient and robust home security system.

Security systems are able to alert the police in an instant - they also provide hard evidence for crimes if this becomes necessary later on. 

Here at IDS, we install and maintain a wide range of security systems tailored to your home, business or family's needs, including:

4. Keep brooms and mops out of sight (yes, you read that one right!)

Another strange one, but still extremely important. Brooms and mops can be used to gain entry into properties, but they can also be used by experienced burglars as a technique escape. 

Once a burglar has gained entry into a property, a mop or broom can be placed against a door so that they can hear the victim approaching before getting caught. Sneaky!

A precautionary tip: take pictures of every room in your house!

It's always better to be safe than sorry. If you have a photo-document of every room in your house, you'll be able to log important possessions. This is great for insurance reasons, but also for you to identify any missing items.

This is why most burglaries end up quite messy. Thieves do this as the mess distracts from the missing items, and they're then harder to identify.

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