Burglaries and break-ins are less common now than they were six or seven years ago, but they do still happen, and as emotions run high it can be difficult to think rationally about the best course of action. If you discover or suspect that a burglary has taken place on your property, there are a few things you should do.


Report The Burglary

Call the police as soon as you can. They will then attend the scene and document a description of what has been taken from the property; they will also be able to recover any evidence from the scene that could help in finding the burglar.

Once you have contacted the police, you should also contact your insurance company. In some cases, an insurance company might decide to send an independent claims evaluator to the scene to assess the grounds for your claim.

If you aren’t already inside the property, it is advisable to remain outside the property to avoid contaminating any evidence that could be used to catch the perpetrator.

Make an Inventory

Take full stock of what has been stolen or damaged. Tell your bank if any credit or debit cards have been taken so that they can be cancelled. The same goes for your mobile phone if that has been stolen.  

Review Any CCTV Footage 

If you have security cameras on your property, you should try to recover any footage that might provide information about the burglar’s appearance, how they got in, the time of the burglary, and so on. 

Give this to the police as soon as possible, as it might help them track down the perpetrator.

Secure Your Home

If there are any broken doors or windows, clean up the debris, and arrange replacements as soon as possible. If you have no form of home security beyond a lock, immediately after a burglary is a good time to install some. 

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