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CCTV forms part of almost every security system these days. But the technology has evolved beyond the need for an on-site guard who spends his shift watching a bank of monitors. Remote monitoring is just as effective, and can be more cost- and time-efficient.

So, how does remote monitoring work? And is it right for you? Read on to find out.

What is CCTV?

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television. It’s a system of strategically-placed video cameras that record and transmit footage to a monitor for both real-time viewing and archival purposes.

This kind of system is great for security at commercial premises, like a jewellery shop, or for your home. It can help to deter opportunistic burglars, and the archival footage it maintains can identify those criminals who are more determined.

CCTV cameras take a constant sequence of images or video, and transmit them by cable or wirelessly to a recording device.

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What is remote CCTV monitoring?

As the name suggests, remote CCTV monitoring is simply monitoring of CCTV systems at a remote location. This can be done at a Remote Video Receiving Centre (RVRC) maintained by the company that installed your cameras. You can also do it yourself via an app if you are away from the premises being monitored.

Connecting the CCTV to an RVRC means that the emergency services won’t be needlessly contacted in the event of false alarms. Some CCTV systems are based on motion sensors, and can be triggered by a bird flying in front of the camera – no need to involve the police for that!

In the RVRC, professional security experts can monitor any suspicious events that the CCTV system flags up. Depending on the system installed, any unusual activity (such as something triggering an alarm) will be flagged so that monitoring can begin. The emergency services and any other emergency contacts can then be notified if necessary. Some systems even feature audio warnings to further deter intruders.

Here at IDS Security Ltd, our systems can allow you to remotely enable site facilities like lights, doors, and gates, for increased security and peace of mind.

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