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Access control systems are an excellent option for protecting your business. Access control can reduce the risk of theft and trespass at all times of day and night.

It's very easy to boast about the advantages of having access control as a security system, but how do access control systems actually work? Keep on reading to find out...


What is access control?

In its simplest form, access control can be defined as a method that controls and regulates who has access to your property, when they have access to your property, and where they can access.


How does access control work?

Access control works by identifying users through various credentials, including:

  • A key pad
  • A personal identification number (PIN)
  • Biometric data (fingerprints or facial and retina scans)
  • An intercom
  • A card or fob

These systems work by recording data such as employee / entrant identification and the times at which they have entered the area. This can be essential if you ever need supporting evidence in the unfortunate case of a burglary. Once a user has been authorised, the access control system will permit the level of access that has been granted to that user.


Who has access?

  • As a business owner, you may only want employees to have automatic access rather than all people, including visitors. This can be achieved with an access control system.


How can users access the property?

  • If you have a large commercial property, it's likely that there are many entry points and exits on-site. Access control systems can work by only allowing certain users to enter through a specific area. For example, you could ensure that kitchen staff can only enter through the kitchen door.


When can they have access?

  • You may have various seniority levels amongst your staff. For example, you can ensure that junior staff can only access the property during their shift time, whereas senior staff and managers have the ability to enter the property whenever they wish.


Bespoke access control systems from IDS Security

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