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Access control systems have been a popular security solution since the 1960s, and there's a reason why they're still used in all sorts of different places.


What is an access control system?

An access control system - sometimes known as a door entry system - is an electronic system that allows property owners to allow or deny entry into a particular area. This could be a whole building, a particular room, or even just a storage cupboard!

(It's important to note that physical access control is very different to virtual access control. An example of the latter would be logging into a computer network. See Physical Access Control vs Logical Access Control for more info.)


How do access control systems prevent unauthorised entry?

An access control system is different to using a traditional lock to protect your property - it is more technologically advanced and therefore, in many ways, more reliable.

Access control allows property owners to decide who can enter their premises. This can be done through a range of entry options, including:

  • A key pad
  • A fob
  • A card
  • An intercom
  • Biometric data (fingerprints or facial / retina scans)

These systems work by recording data such as employee / entrant identification and the times at which they have entered the area. This can be essential if you ever need supporting evidence in the unfortunate case of a burglary.


Does my business need an access control system?

One of the benefits of an access control system is their versatility. You can utilise this type of security system in a range of commercial environments, such as in shops, offices, and banks and many other establishments.

Here are some of the commercial benefits of using an access control system:

  1. It can record and store data that will show you who has entered the restricted area and when they arrived.

  2. As a business owner, you will have full control with the authority to approve or deny entry for anyone at any time.

  3. You can connect the access control system to an alarm to strengthen your commercial security by locking down doors and entry points in certain circumstances.

  4. They are often more secure than traditional locks due to the advanced implementation of biometrics, data tracking and surveillance.

Many businesses utilise access control as their primary security system, as it's a reassuring way to monitor and control access to an area whilst keeping your business running smoothly.


Bespoke access control systems from IDS Security

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