Burglars usually want to get the job done as quickly and with as little risk as possible, so there are certain houses that they tend to avoid.

If you’re looking for advice on how to burglar-proof your home, consider one or more of the deterrents listed below.


Burglars tend to avoid houses with...


Burglar alarms

Burglar alarm systems are designed to draw attention to your property in the event of a break-in. When the (very loud) siren sounds, not only does it notify you the homeowner, it also automatically notifies the police – a burglar’s nightmare.
If a burglar can see you have an intruder alarm installed, they might be less likely to target your home.


CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras can catch a burglar in the act and reveal their identity. If you make it obvious to potential burglars that your home is under surveillance, they’ll be less likely to take the risk, particularly as CCTV footage can even be used in court as evidence.

You could even take it one step further and connect your CCTV system to a burglar alarm for the ultimate security system.


Security lights

Remaining undetected is important to burglars, so they often like to strike when visibility is low. Installing automatic security lights can startle a burglar and draw attention to them for neighbours and passers-by to see.

Before a potential burglar even gets close enough to your home to break-in, they can be deterred by the sudden bright lights.


Reinforced doors and windows

It may sound obvious, but strong, secure windows and doors are a lot harder to break into, especially ones that are reinforced with high-quality locks.

As we’ve mentioned, most burglars will want an easy target, so make your home more trouble to enter than it’s worth.

Investing in additional protection for your home will be more than worth it in the long run. After all, it’s a lot less expensive to buy a lock than it is to replace stolen valuables.


Hidden valuables

Most burglars will only take the risk of breaking and entering if they’re absolutely sure there’s something worth stealing. By keeping your valuables hidden, burglars won’t be tempted so easily.

For valuables that can’t be easily hidden, try to keep your blinds and curtains closed as much as possible to prevent potential thieves from peeking in.



Regardless of how friendly your furry friend is, a barking dog is a very efficient criminal deterrent. Even the tiniest chihuahua can scare off a burglar. A barking dog is loud, distracting and often a sign of distress that would attract attention from neighbours and passers-by.

If your dog isn’t a big barker, or even if you don’t have a dog, you can put up a ‘Beware of the dog’ sign outside your house as an additional warning/deterrent.


Irregular routines

Sometimes burglars will plan an attack weeks or even months in advance. During this time, they can track your movements to get a good idea of when no one is home.

So, if you make it hard for a burglar to know what times you’re home and what times you’re out, you become a less attractive target. A good way to do this is by changing up your weekly routine.

If you plan on going away for an extended amount of time, there are things you can do to give the illusion that someone is home, such as:

  • Setting timers on your lights
  • Asking friends and neighbours to house-sit


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