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If you’re looking to secure your premises and ensure that only authorised individuals can enter, an access control system is the best way to achieve this. These systems (e.g. a keypad on an entrance door) allow you to decide who can access restricted areas within your premises.


What is an access control point?

An access control point is a location where personnel must perform a specific action in order to pass. This could mean anything from opening a locked door with a key to entering a secret passcode or scanning your fingerprints.

If you’re looking to install one or more access control points on your premises but aren’t sure where best to put them, here’s a handy list of where access control points are needed:


Entrances and exits

The first line of defence for any property is the front door. So, it makes sense to start there. Adding an access control point at entrances and exits is super important if you want to prevent trespassers.

Access control points at the front entrance of business premises are very common. They tend to be door buzzers with intercom systems, key fobs or security codes. If you have a company car park, you can also add an access control point to the car park entrance. This could be a barrier arm or security gates with communication terminals. See Security Barriers for more options.

Installing an access control system at the front door can also be a good way to protect your home. This could be anything from smart doorbells to intercom systems.


Office/working spaces

Your office space should be a staff-only area. These areas often have expensive equipment, important documents and personal property stored there. Controlling who has access to these areas should be a top priority. While a simple locked door would be enough to keep away intruders, with high employee turnover it can become expensive to change door locks every time someone forgets to return their keys. Access control points are much more cost-effective and secure. Access control points outside office spaces could include electronic door locks, key card entrance systems or door keypads, among other options.


Staff-only areas

As we’ve mentioned, keeping your employees safe is of the utmost importance, so access control points should be installed in all areas where only staff members should be able to go. This includes areas such as staff rooms, car parks and bathrooms/changing spaces if applicable. Access to these spaces can be controlled by ID cards, fobs or security codes.


File rooms

Anywhere within your business that houses sensitive information should be protected by an access control point. This will help to prevent a data breach or the theft of important documents. This will also help you determine who has access to these spaces, even within your company as you may want some documents to only be available to certain members of staff.


If you require any assistance with installing access security control systems, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today to request a quotation online.

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