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Fire detection

Fire alarm systems are the most important and essential safety measure for any home or business, and while you may hope that you never have to use them, it is imperative that these systems provide reliable detection and warning in the event of a fire.

At IDS we design systems to meet the specific needs of customers in properties and establishments of all sizes, providing state-of-the-art fire detection technology and professional installation, to ensure that the systems being installed meet the strict standards needed to provide maximum safety. 

In addition to our installation service, we also provide the added benefit of a 24/7 call out and engineering service, along with a fire alarm monitoring service. In order to ensure that your fire alarm system is functioning properly, and continues to deliver the high standard of safety expected, our call out service will help to solve any issues you are having with your system. Our fire alarm monitoring service will also provide additional support in the case of fire alarm activation, to ensure that the situation is able to be addressed as promptly and appropriately as possible.

Some benefits of fire alarm monitoring include:
  • Quick response to the location of the fire.
  • Rapid correspondence with the emergency services.
  • Peace of mind for property owners when they are away from their property.
Whether you simply need a conventional alarm, or a networked, addressable fire safety solution, we can provide a carefully considered and safely installed system, which will be monitored and maintained to the highest possible standard.

If you'd like to find out more about our fire alarm monitoring service and safety systems, then get in touch today by calling 02920 753251, or be filling in our simple enquiry form here.
Give us a call today on 029 20 753 251 and let our verified installers set up your door entry system!

Access control

If you want to protect your premises with a secure and modern access control system, we at IDS Security Systems Ltd are the people to call. Not only will we supply your door entry system, we'll also install it for you and make sure it's functioning properly.

Our experienced access control installers are verified by all of our suppliers, so you know that we'll get your new system up and running correctly and efficiently. Your IDS engineer will also be happy to answer any questions you might have about the technology and how to use it - we want to make sure that you're completely comfortable with your state-of-the-art door entry system, so please don't be afraid to let our installer know if there's anything you're unsure of!

Areas Served

The IDS Security office is located in Cardiff, but our engineers are happy to travel! We've installed access control systems for clients all over South Wales and South West England, so feel free to get in touch even if you're based some distance from our own headquarters.

Our access control installers have provided door entry systems for a number of different buildings, including:
  • Apartment blocks
  • Offices
  • Factories / warehouses
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Public buildings
  • Private residences
Click here to learn more about our access control / door entry services, or contact us now to request an installation quote!
brake in

Be it your home or business, the event of a burglary can have a devastating impact on your life and livelihood. From the financial impact to the emotional damage, there are a vast number of ways in which this crime can impact the individual, both directly and indirectly. 

Whether it's your source of income, or your family home, installing effective security at your property is certainly a worthwhile investment. Systems can be monitored around the clock, and with a 24 hour engineering service all year, the burglar alarms we provide are ideal for both home and business security.  As soon as an incident occurs, we will inform the relevant emergency services, allowing a quick response to the scene.

Here are a few of the advantages, other than their obvious ability to prevent theft and damage:
  • Acts as a deterrent against break-in attempts.
  • Provides peace of mind, even when you are away from your property.
  • Reduces insurance costs.
Here at IDS, we have been installing burglar alarms in the Cardiff and the South Wales area for more than two decades, providing the most advanced systems, combined with a fantastic service. If you would like to find out more about installing intruder security systems at your property, whether it's a large business site or a family home, then please don't hesitate to get in touch!

To enquire about our burglar alarms, please call us on 029 20 753 251, or fill out our quick and easy contact form here.

We offer a full CCTV camera installation service for homes and businesses. Our experienced installers will travel to your premises and ensure that your new security system is set up properly.

CCTV installer

Here at IDS Security, we're always enthusiastic to offer our customers a comprehensive service. Unlike retailers who sell you a CCTV system and leave you to set it up yourself, we do the whole job for you, including the actual installation of your new CCTV cameras.

Our expert CCTV installation service is available to all IDS customers, whether located here in Cardiff or further afield (our service area stretches across South Wales and much of South West England). Here's what will happen once you've contacted us to request our assistance...

Our CCTV camera installation service:

  1. We will visit your location to survey the premises and decide on the best security solution for you.

  2. Our experienced security specialists will design a CCTV security system that's specifically tailored to your requirements.

  3. One of our qualified engineers will travel to your premises to install your new CCTV cameras (along with any other systems you have requested). Your installer will also carry out tests to ensure that everything is working properly.

  4. If you choose to take out a maintenance contract with IDS Security Systems Ltd, we will monitor and service your new CCTV system for you going forward. You will also have access to our 24-hour call out engineering service, giving you total peace of mind every hour of every day.

If you would like to find out more about our CCTV installation service, please call IDS on 029 20 753 251 or visit our Contact page to enquire online.

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Fire alarms
Fire Door Safety Week takes place at the end of next month, which is why we thought that it was an ideal time to discuss the importance of fire detection systems! 

Every year, fires cause irreparable damage to public spaces, commercial properties and domestic dwellings, costing millions in lost assets, and in the worst cases, causing life-changing injuries and death. Having an efficient fire detection system in place is vital in preventing fires and stopping them from spreading, allowing you to take action as soon as the risk is present. 

Fire detection systems are essential for:
  • Ensuring safe notification and evacuation of staff/occupiers/members of the public.
  • Alerting emergency services for an efficient response.
  • Detecting the location of the fire to ensure that the correct action is taken, and to plan for a safe evacuation.
  • Minimising the scale of the loss/damage.
  • Ensuring that public and private spaces meet the correct health and safety standards.
Here at IDS, we have provided advanced fire detection solutions for over 20 years, installing fire alarm systems in commercial, public and residential properties throughout England and Wales. From conventional formats, to larger networks, we can provide a range of options, including a 24/7 monitoring and engineering service for ultimate security and peace of mind. 

If you would like to like to find out more information about our fire detection systems and monitoring service, you can get in touch here for more details, or to request a free quotation.
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