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Home security system

Thinking of investing in a home security system? Wondering whether it's worth the cost?

It's easy to convince yourself that you can get by without a security system. Depending on where you live, you're probably not all that likely to be the victim of a break-in. But house alarms and security cameras are like insurance policies: by the time you actually want one, it's usually too late.

So here are five good reasons to get a home security system installed on your property sooner rather than later...

1. Protect your loved ones and valuables

Let's start with the obvious one: a good home security system will make it significantly more difficult for intruders to enter your home and commit a crime. If you have lots of valuable possessions that would make attractive targets for burglars, or if you're worried about your family's safety and wellbeing, a security system should help to put your mind at ease.

2. Deter criminals

Not only will a security system help to prevent trespassers from gaining access to your property, it may put them off even attempting it. Most burglars will not risk breaking into a home that is clearly protected by a security system - the potential rewards tend not to be worth the risk.

3. Help the authorities to solve crimes

In the event that you are the victim of a burglary or home invasion, your security system may help the police to track down the culprit and bring them to justice. In particular, footage from home security cameras can be very useful when it comes to identifying trespassers.

4. Increase the value of your home

Thinking of selling your property and moving elsewhere? As we discussed in a previous blog post (Does a Security System Increase Home Value?), a robust security system can make your home more attractive to potential buyers, especially if they're concerned about the local crime rate.

5. Reduce your home insurance costs

When purchasing home / contents insurance, you may find that some insurers offer a better deal when your home has a security system in place to help prevent crime. Installing a security system means you're less likely to get burgled, which means you're less likely to make a claim, which should mean cheaper insurance premiums.

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