Coronavirus (COVID-19): Keep your premises safe with our new Temperature Screening and Density Control systems!
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Coronavirus face masks

With British coronavirus cases dropping and the government's lockdown restrictions beginning to relax, many business owners are now trying to find a path back to something resembling normality. The important thing now is for shops and other premises to prioritise public safety when reopening their doors.

Key considerations include:

  • Maintaining a safe distance between individuals and prevent transmission of COVID-19
  • Limiting the total number of people on the premises at any one time
  • Preventing people with COVID-19 symptoms from entering the premises

IDS Security Systems have launched two new services to help business owners achieve these goals and minimise the risk of infection.


Thermal Imaging Cameras

Our thermal imaging systems measure body heat and alert you if someone attempts to enter your premise with a high temperature.

Fever is one of the key symptoms of COVID-19, and our state-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras can help you to prevent potentially infectious individuals from entering your premises.

These systems are accurate to within 0.5 degrees Celsius, and they're calibrated to ignore other heat sources and prevent false alarms.

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Density Control Systems

If you've visited a supermarket in the past few months, you'll know that they've been limiting the number of people allowed instore at any one time. This is because COVID-19 is less likely to spread in a sparsely-populated area than in a crowded area.

We can supply and install people-counting cameras that keep track of the number of people on your premises and alert you when a set limit has been reached. This will make social distancing rules easier for your customers to observe.

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