Access control system

Access control systems may sound a bit too flashy for the average home or business owner, but they've actually been around since the 1960s! They were developed to deal with the issue of lost keys, instead using simple key pads for security purposes.


What is an access control system?

An access control system allows a property owner to control who can enter their premises. This can be controlled through a range of entry options, such as:

  • A key pad
  • A fob
  • A card
  • An intercom
  • Or even biometric data, such as fingerprints or facial / retina scans

These systems are extremely intelligent, as they also have the capacity to record data such as entry times and identification. Another benefit of access control systems is their versatility - they can be used in commercial spaces like shops, offices and banks, as well as in homes and blocks of flats.


Are access control systems more secure than traditional locks?

Generally speaking, yes - access control systems are more secure than traditional locks due to the advanced implementation of biometrics, data tracking and surveillance. That said, it is often a good idea to use traditional locks in conjunction with access control systems, just as an extra layer of security.

Traditional locks are less secure due to the fact that a key can be physically copied. There is also the issue of what to do when you wish to restrict a keyholder from entering your property - if they still have the key, they will still be able to use it. You can ask them to return it, but there's nothing to stop them making a copy first. Changing the locks is the only way to be sure of keeping them out.

Access control systems solve this problem, allowing you to quickly withdraw access at any point by (for example) changing the access code or removing the user's ID from your list of approved personnel. You don't have to worry about a physical key being handed back in.


What makes access control systems more secure?

  1. Access control systems can record data, meaning that you will be able to see who has entered and left your property, and at what times.

  2. You have full control, with the ability to activate and deactivate entry options for anyone at any time.

  3. You can connect access control systems to alarms, meaning that doors and entry points can be locked down in the event of a fire alarm or suspected burglar.

Access control systems that use biometric information are especially secure - a key or passcode can be shared with unauthorised personnel, but if your door entry system uses a biometric reader to scan the user's face or fingerprints, this ensures that only approved individuals will be able to get through.


Do you need a bespoke access control system?

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